Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm Spray

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  • Soothes itchy, irritated skin: Tea tree oil & aloe vera calm redness & inflammation.
  • Promotes natural healing: Antibacterial & antifungal properties fight infections.
  • Moisturizes dry, flaky skin: Leaves fur soft & healthy.
  • Non-greasy & convenient: Absorbs quickly, easy to apply.
  • Fresh, calming lavender scent: Relaxes your dog & reduces stress.
  • Gentle & effective: Safe for daily use on most dogs.

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Soothe That Scratchy Fur with Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm Spray for Dogs!

Is your furry friend itching and scratching to the point of no return? Hotspots, dry patches, and pesky allergies making playtime a miserable affair? Say goodbye to the scratching frenzy and hello to calm, happy skin with Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm Spray for Dogs!

This specially formulated spray is your secret weapon against canine skin woes. Packed with the natural goodness of tea tree oil and aloe vera, it’s a soothing sanctuary for your pup’s irritated skin. Imagine this:

  • Tea tree oil’s gentle yet powerful antiseptic properties calm itchiness and inflammation, taking the sting out of those red, raw patches.
  • Aloe vera’s cooling touch moisturizes dry, flaky skin, restoring a healthy balance and leaving fur soft and luxurious.
But that’s not all! Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm for Dogs goes the extra mile by:
  • Promoting natural healing: The antibacterial and antifungal properties of tea tree oil help wounds heal faster, keeping nasty infections at bay.
  • Being a non-greasy dream: This lightweight spray absorbs quickly, so your pup isn’t left feeling sticky or uncomfortable.
  • Offering a fresh, calming scent: Lavender oil adds a subtle, soothing aroma that helps your dog relax and de-stress, putting an end to the frantic scratch sessions.

Say hello to calmer days and happier wags! Whether it’s seasonal allergies, dry winter skin, or pesky insect bites, Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm for Dogs is your go-to solution. Simply spray directly onto the affected area, twice daily, and watch the magic happen.

Remember: Avoid eyes and broken skin, and always seek veterinary advice if symptoms persist. But for everyday skin irritations, this gentle yet effective spray is your pup’s best friend.

Soothe the itch, restore the calm, and let the good times roll again with Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm Spray for Dogs! Order yours today and witness the tail wags return!
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