Petkin Plaque Teeth Gel

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  • Say goodbye to plaque: Dissolves stubborn plaque build-up for sparkling smiles in both dogs and cats.
  • Freshens breath like magic: Banish doggy breath and feline funk with a refreshing mint flavour.
  • Healthy gums, happy pets: Soothes gums and prevents inflammation for long-lasting oral health.
  • No brush, no fuss: Easy pea-sized application, no need for messy toothpaste or stressful brushing.
  • Delicious taste they’ll love: Yummy flavour makes oral care a treat for even the pickiest pups and kitties.

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Conquer Grimy Grinches: Petkin Plaque Teeth Gel for Sparkling Smiles in Dogs and Cats

Say goodbye to doggy breath and feline plaque build-up with Petkin Plaque Teeth Gel, the ultimate weapon in your pet’s oral hygiene arsenal. This revolutionary gel tackles tartar and freshens breath, leaving your furry friend with a smile that shines brighter than a sunbeam on a kibble bowl.

Bid Farewell to Plaque and Hello to Pearly Whites:
  • Dissolves stubborn plaque: Plaque Teeth Gel’s unique formula gently yet effectively loosens and removes plaque buildup, preventing tartar formation and promoting healthy gums. No more scraping or scrubbing – just a gentle massage with this gel, and those grimy grinches will be banished to the land of forgotten chew toys.
  • Freshens breath like a walk in the park: Let’s face it, doggy breath and feline funk can clear a room faster than a dropped milkbone. Plaque Teeth Gel infuses your pet’s mouth
  • Supports healthy gums: Plaque isn’t just unsightly; it can also lead to gum inflammation and periodontal disease. Petkin Plaque Teeth Gel’s soothing formula helps keep gums healthy and happy, giving your pet the confidence to flash that winning smile without wincing.
Easy Peasy Application for Happy Pets and Pawsome Parents:
  • No brushing required: Ditch the toothbrush struggles and messy toothpaste fights. Plaque Teeth Gel is a breeze to apply – simply massage a pea-sized amount onto your pet’s gums and teeth, and let the gel work its magic.
  • Safe for dogs and cats: Whether you’re a devoted doggo parent or a smitten feline fanatic,  formulated for the dental needs of both our furry friends. Share the smiles, not the toothpaste!
  • Delicious taste they’ll love: Forget the fishy flops and minty meltdowns.

Give your pet the gift of a sparkling smile and healthy mouth with Petkin Plaque Teeth Gel. Order yours today and watch those pearly whites gleam!

Remember, Petkin Plaque Teeth Gel:
  • Dissolves plaque and freshens breath
  • Supports healthy gums
  • Easy to apply, no brushing required
  • Safe for dogs and cats
  • Delicious taste pets love
Don’t let plaque steal your pet’s smile. Unleash the power of Petkin Plaque Teeth Gel and let those chompers shine!
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