Good Boy Mega Chicken with Carrot Stick

    • Good Boy
    • Mega Chicken & Carrot: Big flavour, big fun for big dogs!
    • Long-lasting Chews: Keeps boredom at bay & teeth sparkly clean.
    • Low-fat & Delicious: Guilt-free treats for happy pups!
    • Medium & Large Dog Approved: Satisfies appetites & chewing needs.


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Unleash the Mega Chew: Good Boy Mega Chicken with Carrot Stick, the Tail-Wagging Treat for Big Dogs!

Calling all medium and large doggo heroes! Are you ready to witness a tail-wagging explosion of epic proportions? Brace yourselves for Good Boy Mega Chicken with Carrot Stick, the ultimate chew that’s packed with meaty goodness and crunchy carrot satisfaction, designed to keep your furry giants entertained and happy for hours on end.

Forget wimpy treats that vanish in a flash, Good Boy Mega Chicken with Carrot Stick is a chew built for big appetites. Imagine a thick, meaty chicken roll wrapped around a crunchy carrot core, offering a delightful textural contrast that will keep your dog’s jaws working and their minds stimulated. It’s a flavour fiesta in every bite, with the savoury richness of real chicken and the sweet, earthy crunch of carrot coming together to create an irresistible taste sensation.

But wait, there’s more! Mega Chicken with Carrot Stick isn’t just about satisfying your dog’s primal urge to chew. It’s also a dental health hero in disguise! The chewy texture helps clean teeth and massage gums, while the low-fat content makes it a guilt-free treat you can feel good about giving.

Think of it as a multi-tasking marvel for your big buddy:
  • Long-lasting chew: Keeps your dog occupied and happy for extended periods, reducing boredom and destructive chewing.
  • Dental health support: Promotes healthy teeth and gums through natural chewing action.
  • Low-fat formula: Perfect for dogs who need to watch their waistlines.
  • Made with real chicken: Packed with delicious, natural protein your dog craves.
  • Crunchy carrot surprise: Adds a delightful textural twist and a touch of sweetness.

So, whether you’re training your loyal companion, rewarding a good deed, or simply want to see that tail wagging with unbridled joy, Mega Chicken with Carrot Stick is the answer. It’s the treat that says, “You’re a big deal, buddy!” in every delicious bite.

Ready to unleash the mega chew? Grab a Mega Chicken with Carrot Stick today and witness the tail-wagging magic firsthand!
Remember, Good Boy Mega Chicken with Carrot Stick – for medium to large dogs who deserve the biggest, most satisfying treats!


Corn Starch, Chicken Breast (30%), Wheat Flour, Glycerin, Dried Carrot (6%), Soya Protein, Salt

Available Size 100g

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