Good Boy Mega Chewy Twist with Chicken

  • Good Boy
  • Irresistible Chicken Twist: Real chicken flavour keeps boredom at bay, chomp after happy chomp.
  • Mega Chew, Mega Bliss: Hours of satisfying gnawing, perfect for big dog appetites.
  • Dental Hero: Cleans teeth & massages gums for a healthy, happy smile.
  • Protein Powerhouse: Fuels adventures & keeps energy levels high.
  • No Nasties, Just Love: Wholesome ingredients you can trust.
  • Made for Mighty Chewers: Ideal for medium & large dogs who love to chomp.

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Unleash the Mega Chew: Satisfy Your Medium & Large Dog’s Cravings with Good Boy Mega Chewy Twist with Chicken!

Is your big buddy a chewing champion? Does your furry friend leave no furniture leg un-gnawed, no slipper unscathed? Then get ready to unleash the ultimate chew, a treat so mighty, so flavourful, it’ll have your medium or large dog singing (well, maybe drooling) praises: Good Boy Mega Chewy Twist with Chicken!

This ain’t your average biscuit, pup. This behemoth of a chew combines the irresistible taste of real chicken with a unique, twisted shape that provides hours of satisfying chomping. Picture it: your canine companion sinking their teeth into the thick, meaty center, relishing the savory chicken flavor. Then, as they twist and turn, the textured exterior massages their gums, keeping dental hygiene in check while they play.

Good Boy Mega Chewy Twist with Chicken isn’t just a treat, it’s a boredom buster, a dental delight, and a protein-packed powerhouse. Here’s why it’s the perfect reward for your medium or large dog:
  • Mega Chew, Mega Satisfaction: This long-lasting chew keeps your dog occupied for ages, curbing destructive chewing and reducing anxiety. Plus, it provides mental stimulation while they work their way through the delicious twists and turns.
  • Real Chicken Flavour that Rocks: Forget artificial aromas – Mega Chewy Twist is packed with real chicken, delivering a taste sensation that’ll have your dog wagging their tail with every chomp.
  • Dental Health Hero: The textured surface helps clean teeth and massage gums as your dog chews, promoting dental health and fresh breath.
  • Protein Powerhouse: Made with high-quality ingredients, Good Boy Mega Chewy Twist provides a healthy dose of protein to fuel your dog’s adventures.
  • No Bad Guys Here: Say goodbye to artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. Mega Chewy Twist is made with love and simple, wholesome ingredients you can trust.
So, unleash the chew champion within your dog! Grab a Mega Chewy Twist with Chicken today and witness the tail wags, the happy chomps, and the pure satisfaction that comes with a treat made for medium and large dogs who deserve the best.
Remember, Good Boy Mega Chewy Twist with Chicken – it’s the Mega Chew for Mega Dogs!


Rawhide (50%), Chicken (45%), Glycerin, Pea Protein, Tapioca Starch, Salt

Size 70g

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