Pet Munchies Chicken Training Treats

  • Pet Munchies
  • Delicious, real chicken treats for happy training.
  • Low-fat & wheat-free, perfect for all pups.
  • Bite-sized for easy training & all breeds.
  • Build happy bonds & good behaviour with every treat.
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Unleash the Power of Praise with Pet Munchies Chicken Training Treats!

Attention, dog owners! Do you dream of a furry friend who sits, stays, and shakes on command? Craving a happy pup whose tail wags with every “good boy”? Look no further than Pet Munchies Chicken Training Treats, the delicious secret weapon for unlocking your dog’s potential!

Packed with real, human-grade chicken breast, these premium gourmet bites are more than just treats – they’re paw-sitive reinforcement in every delectable morsel. Delicately baked to perfection, their irresistible aroma will have your dog drooling with anticipation, eager to learn and earn their reward.

But Chicken Training Treats are more than just tasty. They’re:
  • Naturally low in fat: Keep your pup fit and trim while they train.
  • Wheat and gluten-free: Perfect for sensitive tummies and happy digestion.
  • The perfect size for all pups: From tiny terriers to majestic mastiffs, there’s a satisfying bite for every breed.
  • Ideal for training of all kinds: Basic commands, advanced tricks, or simply shaping desired behaviours – these treats are your versatile training partner.
Imagine the possibilities:
  • Teach your dog new tricks: Master the art of “fetch,” “rollover,” or even “play dead” with these irresistible rewards.
  • Correct unwanted behaviors: Gently redirect barking, jumping, or chewing with positive reinforcement using these delicious motivators.
  • Strengthen your bond: Build trust and understanding through positive training sessions fueled by these tasty treats.

Chicken Training Treats are the key to unlocking a world of happy, well-behaved doggy fun. So, ditch the boring kibble and supercharge your training sessions with the power of praise and delicious rewards. Your dog will thank you with a wagging tail and a happy bark!

Order your bag of Pet Munchies Chicken Training Treats today and watch your furry friend blossom!
Remember, happy pups make happy homes. Start training with Pet Munchies Chicken Training Treats today!


Chicken Breast 62%, Vegetable Starch, Coconut Glycerin, Albumen, Salt

Re-Sealable Bag

  • Size 50g, 150g
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50g, 150g


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