Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Shake ‘A’ Pheasant

  • Sharples n Grant
  • Unleash inner hunter: Shake, toss, tug for breed-lovin’ playtime.
  • Stuffing-free fun: Tough design for pups of all sizes.
  • Squeaky surprises: Every shake adds an extra pounce of joy.
  • Healthy wagging: Fuels exercise, stimulates minds & bodies.
  • Bond with your buddy: Interactive play for happy pups & humans.
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Unleash the Inner Hunter with Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Shake ‘A’ Pheasant: Any Breed’s Dream Dog Toy

Does your four-legged adventurer dream of dashing through fields, feathers flying as they stalk their prey? Channel their inner wild with the Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Shake ‘A’ Pheasant, the ultimate interactive dog toy designed to ignite the instincts of any breed, big or small!

Shake, Toss, Tug, Repeat: This plush pheasant isn’t just another fluffy friend. Built for ruff and tumble, its long, lean shape is perfect for shaking, tossing, and tugging. Watch your pup’s eyes light up as they grab the feathery tail, sink their teeth into the soft body, or gleefully bat at the floppy wings. Shake ‘A’ Pheasant fuels hours of playful mayhem, satisfying every dog’s natural craving for chase and capture.

Built for Every Bite: Don’t worry about delicate breeds or enthusiastic chewers. Shake ‘A’ Pheasant is crafted with tough-loving durability in mind. The stuffing-free design stands up to the most determined chompers, while the double-stitched seams ensure this feathered friend won’t fall apart under endless games of fetch. And for an extra dose of playful excitement, a hidden squeaker tucked within rewards every successful pounce and shake.

More Than Just Playtime: Shake ‘A’ Pheasant isn’t just about fun, it’s about bonding and enrichment. This interactive toy sparks your dog’s natural instincts, promoting healthy exercise and mental stimulation. Whether you’re playing fetch in the park, engaging in tug-of-war indoors, or simply tossing it for a solo chase session, Shake ‘A’ Pheasant strengthens the connection between you and your furry friend.

Unleash the Fun for Any Breed: From tiny terriers to gentle giants, the Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Shake ‘A’ Pheasant is an all-inclusive invitation to play. No matter your dog’s size, age, or energy level, this feathered friend provides endless entertainment and tail-wagging satisfaction. So ditch the boring squeaky balls and get ready for ruff and tumble adventures with the Shake ‘A’ Pheasant!

Order your Shake ‘A’ Pheasant today and watch your dog’s inner hunter come alive!
Remember, the Shake ‘A’ Pheasant is:
  • Perfect for any breed: From pint-sized pups to playful giants, this toy keeps everyone entertained.
  • Built for roughhousing: Durable stitching and stuffing-free design stand up to the most enthusiastic play.
  • Packed with playful surprises: A hidden squeaker adds an extra layer of excitement to every shake and tug.
  • More than just fun: Encourages healthy exercise, mental stimulation, and bonding between you and your dog.
Get ready for endless hours of tail-wagging fun with the Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Shake ‘A’ Pheasant!

Available size Small (30.5cm), Large (50.5cm)

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