KONG Shells Bear

  • KONG
  • Cleans teeth & satisfies chewers (combines 2 benefits)
  • Soft belly for cuddles & light chewing
  • Squeaker for extended play
  • Interactive play for mental stimulation
  • Ideal for small dogs

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Keep Your Small Breed Busy and Smiling with KONG Shells Bear!

Looking for a toy that entertains your energetic small breed pup and satisfies their natural chewing instincts? Look no further than KONG Shells Bear! This innovative toy combines multiple textures and engaging features, specifically designed to keep your small breed dog happy and mentally stimulated.

Small Breed Fun in Every Bite:

Small breed dogs deserve big fun, and KONG Shells Bear delivers! The outer shell is made from a durable, ballistic nylon that’s tough enough for tenacious chewers. This textured surface helps satisfy your pup’s chewing needs while also promoting healthy dental hygiene. Tiny teeth can get a good grip on the nubby exterior, and the chewing action helps scrape away plaque and tartar buildup, keeping your small dog’s smile sparkling clean.

Beyond the Chew:

KONG Shells Bear isn’t just for satisfying chewers! Nestled within the tough outer shell is a soft, plush belly that adds another layer of playful texture. This cuddly section is perfect for snuggling and light chewing, providing a comforting contrast to the nubby exterior. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Hidden within the plush belly is a built-in squeaker that entices your small breed dog’s natural hunting instincts. The irresistible squeak adds another layer of excitement to playtime, keeping your pup engaged for longer.

Multiple Ways to Play, Endless Entertainment:

The KONG Bear isn’t just a chew toy – it’s a versatile plaything that encourages interactive fun between you and your small breed dog. Toss it for a game of fetch, and watch your pup excitedly chase after the unique shape. The nubby exterior provides an interesting grip for small mouths, making retrieval extra fun. Feeling creative? Stuff the soft belly with your small dog’s favorite treats and let them work to get them out. This problem-solving challenge adds mental stimulation and keeps your pup entertained for extended periods.

KONG Shells Bear: The Perfect Choice for Small Breeds

Whether your small breed dog is a feisty chewer, a playful cuddle monster, or a curious explorer, KONG Shells Bear has something to offer. The combination of tough and soft textures, a built-in squeaker, and interactive play options makes this a truly versatile toy that will keep your small dog happy and engaged for hours on end. So ditch the boring chew toys and give your small furry friend the gift of endless fun with KONG Shells Bear!

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