Natures Menu Senior Lamb with Chicken

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  • Real lamb & chicken (60%) for senior muscle tone & repair
  • Gentle cook locks in natural goodness for max nutrition
  • Lower fat & protein, kinder on aging metabolisms
  • Glucosamine & chondroitin support happy joints & mobility
  • Essential vitamins & minerals keep seniors vibrant & thriving
  • Easy-digest formula, perfect for sensitive stomachs
  • No nasties, just natural love for your golden-oldie

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Nurture Your Senior Dog’s Golden Years with Natures Menu Senior Lamb with Chicken

As your beloved companion gracefully enters their senior years, their nutritional needs change. Gone are the days of boundless energy and endless zoomies; now, gentle walks and quiet snuggles take center stage. But that doesn’t mean their love for delicious, wholesome food needs to fade! Enter Natures Menu Senior Lamb with Chicken, a complete and balanced meal crafted specifically for the discerning palate and gentle digestion of senior dogs.

Made with 60% real lamb and chicken, carefully steam-cooked to lock in natural goodness, this wet food is a celebration of culinary delights for your senior canine. Succulent, lean protein sources provide essential amino acids to support muscle tone and repair, while a blend of wholesome vegetables and brown rice offers gentle fiber for optimal digestion. Free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, this is nature’s bounty in its purest form, ensuring your senior dog gets the gentle nourishment they deserve.

But the benefits of Nature’s Menu Senior Lamb with Chicken go beyond taste. This carefully formulated recipe caters to the specific needs of your aging friend:
  • Lower in fat and protein: Tailored for senior metabolisms, this formula helps with weight management and reduces strain on vital organs.
  • Rich in glucosamine and chondroitin: Supports healthy joints and cartilage, promoting comfortable mobility and keeping your senior pup active.
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals: Provides complete and balanced nutrition to keep your senior dog vibrant and full of life.
  • Gently cooked and easily digestible: Perfect for sensitive stomachs and ensuring maximum nutrient absorption.

More than just a meal, Nature’s Menu Senior Lamb with Chicken Wet Dog Food is an investment in your senior dog’s well-being. Every pouch is brimming with love, care, and the finest natural ingredients, designed to nourish their bodies and pamper their taste buds. Watch your senior pup savour every delectable bite, their eyes twinkling with newfound energy and their tail wagging with renewed zest for life.

Make mealtimes a celebration of love and care with Nature’s Menu Senior Lamb with Chicken Wet Dog Food. Give your senior companion the gift of gentle, delicious nutrition they deserve, and watch them thrive in their golden years.


Lamb (40%), Chicken (20%), Rice (4%), Peas (4%), Carrots (4%)

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