Natures Menu Chicken with Duck & Vegetables

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  • Real chicken & duck, crave-worthy veggies: Adult dog wet food that tantalizes taste buds & fuels adventures.
  • Complete & balanced nutrition: Supports healthy digestion & leaves pups happy & energized.
  • Easy & convenient pouches: Perfect for busy pet parents & enthusiastic pups.
  • Nourish from within: Packed with natural goodness, vitamins, & minerals.
  • Unleash the primal feast: Give your dog the taste of real food, naturally.

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Unleash the Primal Feast: Natures Menu Chicken with Duck & Vegetables Wet Food for Adult Dogs

Nourish your adult dog’s inner hunter with the irresistible taste of Natures Menu Chicken with Duck & Vegetables Wet Food. This complete and balanced meal bursts with the real flavors and textures adult dogs crave, fueling their adventurous spirits and leaving them with wagging tails and happy stomachs.

Crafted with Nature’s Bounty: Forget bland kibble and artificial additives. Nature’s Menu Chicken with Duck & Vegetables Wet Food is a celebration of natural goodness. We start with succulent chunks of free-range chicken and combine them with tender duck, both gently cooked to lock in the delicious juices and mouthwatering aroma. This protein power duo is then complemented by a vibrant medley of wholesome vegetables, enriching every bite with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Fueling Adventures, Big and Small: From morning walks in the park to playful backyard zoomies, Nature’s Menu Chicken with Duck & Vegetables Wet Food provides the sustained energy adult dogs need to conquer their day. This nutrient-rich formula supports healthy digestion, leaving your furry friend feeling energized and ready for anything. Plus, the convenient pouches make portion control and feeding time a breeze, perfect for busy pet parents and enthusiastic pups alike.

Beyond Delicious, Beyond Nourishing: We believe that feeding your adult dog should be more than just filling their bowl. It’s about providing them with the tools to live their best lives. Nature’s Menu Chicken with Duck & Vegetables Wet Food goes beyond simple sustenance. It’s a promise of vibrant health, a celebration of natural instincts, and a delicious way to show your loyal companion just how much you care.

So, unleash the primal feast within your adult dog! Give them the taste of real food, the power of natural ingredients, and the joy of a mealtime adventure with Nature’s Menu Chicken with Duck & Vegetables Wet Food. Every serving is a reminder that good food fuels good times, and with Nature’s Menu, the best times are always just a bowl away.


Chicken (min 45%), Duck (min 15%), Peas (min 4%), Carrots (min 4%), Rice (min 2%).

Available Size 300g x 8

Weight 2.5 kg


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