Kong Sherps Floofs Big Horn

  • KONG
  • Sherpa Snuggles meets Cracklin’ Horns: Plush comfort & playful crunch!
  • Hidden Squeaks: Unleash fetch frenzy with every pounce!
  • Small Dog Tough: Built for playful pups without the size!
  • Playtime Anywhere: Indoor snuggles or backyard battles!
  • Bonding Buddy: Shared fun strengthens your furry connection!

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Unleash the Mountain-Sized Fun: The KONG Sherps Floofs Big Horn for Small & Medium Dogs

Calling all adventure pup pals! Gear up for an epic playtime journey with the KONG Sherps Floofs Big Horn, the plush toy designed to unleash your smaller dog’s inner Sherpa on a quest for squeaky, snuggly fun. This cuddly critter ain’t your average stuffed animal – it’s a pint-sized powerhouse of playtime packed with features that’ll have your small to medium breed dog howling with delight.

Super-soft Sherpa snuggles meet cracklin’ Big Horn excitement: Picture this – your furry friend nuzzling into the Floofs Big Horn’s irresistibly fluffy exterior, a luxurious haven for cuddle sessions and naptime snuggles. But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Grasp those adorable, oversized horns, lined with crackly material that crinkles and crunches with every playful tug. It’s a sensory explosion that’ll ignite your small dog’s inner hunter, turning your living room into a mountain meadow teeming with squeaky surprises.

Squeak, fetch, repeat: Hidden within the Floofs Big Horn’s plushy belly lies a unique flat squeaker, guaranteed to send your small to medium buddy into a tail-wagging frenzy. Fetch becomes an irresistible game of chase and capture, fueled by the irresistible squeaks that erupt with every playful pounce. Whether your pup loves gentle indoor fetch or outdoor toss-and-tug antics, the Big Horn is the furry friend that’s always up for the challenge.

Built for small-dog durability: Don’t let the Floofs Big Horn’s cuddly exterior fool you. This tough toy is double-layered for long-lasting playtime, standing up to even the most enthusiastic chewing and prancing. Whether your small or medium dog is a gentle cuddler or a playful ruffian, the Big Horn is built to endure their mountain-sized adventures.

So, unleash the Sherpa within and watch your small to medium dog’s tail wag as they conquer the KONG Sherps Floofs Big Horn. It’s more than just a toy; it’s a portal to a world of squeaky summits, snuggly valleys, and endless playtime adventures. Get ready to hear the happy howls and witness the joyous leaps – the Big Horn is calling, and your small dog’s mountain-sized fun awaits!

Ready to join the Sherps Floofs adventure? Get your KONG Sherps Floofs Big Horn today!
Remember, the KONG Sherps Floofs Big Horn is specially designed for the boundless energy and playful spirit of small to medium dog breeds.

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