KONG Comfort Jumbo

  • KONG
  • XL Fun: Big dogs love the KONG Comfort Jumbo’s oversized design.
  • Engaging Textures: Crinkles & plush fur keep large dogs mentally stimulated.
  • Hidden Squeakers: Surprise squeaks satisfy a large dog’s natural instincts.
  • Cuddly Comfort: Soft fur provides a secure place to snuggle.

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Looking for a Gigantic Cuddle Buddy for Your Large Dog? Look No Further Than the KONG Comfort Jumbo!

Large dogs deserve big fun, and the KONG Comfort Jumbo is the ultimate oversized companion to keep your playful pup happy. This extra-large plush toy isn’t just about size, it’s about sparking joy and satisfying a large dog’s natural instincts.

Big Time Fun for Big Dogs:

The KONG Jumbo is designed specifically for large dogs. Its XL body provides ample space for wrestling, cuddling, and exciting games of fetch. Whether your giant breed craves a snuggle buddy for movie nights or a playful pal for energetic romps, the KONG Comfort Jumbo is built to handle it all.

Multiple Textures to Keep Large Dogs Engaged:

The KONG Jumbo isn’t just big, it’s also bursting with exciting textures to keep your large dog mentally and physically stimulated. The irresistibly soft plush exterior is perfect for cuddling and gentle play. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Crinkle sounds are cleverly incorporated throughout the toy, enticing natural shaking instincts and encouraging energetic playtime.

Squeakers for Added Enticement:

No large dog toy is complete without hidden squeakers! The KONG Jumbo features strategically placed squeakers that keep your pup guessing and add an extra layer of excitement to playtime. The sound of the squeakers will have your large dog engaged for hours, satisfying their natural prey drive and encouraging healthy interactive play.

More Than Just a Toy, It’s a Comforting Companion:

The KONG Jumbo isn’t just a plaything, it’s also a source of comfort for your large dog. The soft, plush exterior creates a sense of security and provides a familiar friend for cuddling and relaxation. After a long day of adventures, your large dog will love to snuggle up with the KONG Jumbo for a peaceful nap.

The KONG Comfort Jumbo: Big Fun for Big Dogs!

Give your large dog the gift of endless entertainment and cuddles with the KONG Jumbo. This extra-large plush toy is packed with exciting features, multiple textures, and hidden squeakers to keep your best friend happy and engaged. From energetic playtime to cozy cuddle sessions, the KONG Comfort Jumbo is the perfect companion for your large dog.

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