KONG Cozie Ali Alligator

  • KONG
  • Deluxe push for indoor snuggle time
  • An extra layer of material for added strength
  • Squeaker entices active play
  • Ideal for indoor fun
  • Adorable characters add to the fun
  • Available in one size: XL

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Unleash playtime adventures with KONG Cozie Ali Alligator: The Cozy Cuddle Buddy for Big Breeds!

Large breed pups pack a powerful punch of playful personality, and they deserve toys that can handle their enthusiastic chomps and cuddles. Introducing KONG Cozie Ali Alligator, the plush pal built for big-dog fun! This adorable gator isn’t just a pretty face—he’s an indoor playmate designed to satisfy your large breed’s natural instincts for snuggles and squeaks.

Cuddles so comfy, your pup will roar with delight: Forget flimsy plush toys that flatten under one playful pounce. Cozie Ali is crafted with luxuriously soft materials and an extra layer of strength, making him the perfect cuddle companion for even the most rambunctious large breed. Whether sprawled out for sleepy snuggles or nuzzling into his toothy grin, your pup will find endless comfort in this gator pal.

Playtime that packs a punch (without the mess): Don’t let the cuddly exterior fool you—Cozie Ali isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. He’s got a built-in squeaker that’s sure to ignite games of fetch and tug-of-war, sending your big guy bounding with joy. Plus, the minimal filling means less mess when things get a little too enthusiastic (we know how those large-scale zoomies go!).

Big-dog durability, built to last: We know your furry friend’s love can be, well, intense. That’s why Cozie Ali is constructed with double-stitched seams and reinforced fabric, making him stand up to even the most vigorous playtime sessions. No need to worry about ripped seams or deflated squeaks—Cozie Ali is here for the long haul, ready to be your pup’s go-to playmate for countless adventures.

More than just a toy, it’s a bond you can trust: KONG Cozie Ali Alligator isn’t just a plush toy, he’s a trusted companion for your large breed. He’s there for cuddle sessions after a long walk, playful romps, and even those quiet moments of companionship. With his adorable, gator-grin charm and built-to-last quality, Cozie Ali will quickly become your dog’s best friend, bringing joy and snuggles to every playtime.

So, unleash the play potential within your big breed with KONG Cozie Ali Alligator! He’s more than just a toy, he’s the key to unlocking a world of cozy cuddles, playful squeaks, and endless big-dog fun.
Get your KONG Cozie Ali Alligator today and let the adventures begin!
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