KONG Flyangle

  • KONG
  • Ultra-durable: Made for powerful chewers & large breeds.
  • Long Distance Fetch: Unpredictable bounces keep dogs engaged.
  • Multiple Textures: Satisfies chewing instincts & comfy to hold.

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Unleash Epic Fetching Fun for Your Large Breed Dog with the KONG Flyangle!

Engage your energetic large breed canine companion in a thrilling game of fetch with the KONG Flyangle! This innovative dog toy is specifically designed to satisfy the powerful play instincts of larger dogs, offering hours of stimulating fun and mental enrichment.

Soar Through the Skies with Durable, Long-Distance Flights:

The KONG Flyangle boasts a unique aerodynamic design that facilitates exceptional flight patterns. Unlike traditional frisbees, the Flyangle’s angled form allows for longer throws and more unpredictable bounces, keeping your large dog guessing and active during every fetch session.

Built to Withstand Enthusiastic Play from Large Breeds:

Made from KONG’s ultra-durable, high-quality rubber compound, the Flyangle can handle even the most enthusiastic fetching sessions by your large dog. This resilient material is virtually tear-proof, ensuring the Flyangle remains a playtime favorite for extended periods.

Multiple Textures for Added Engagement:

The Flyangle features a variety of surface textures that entice your large dog and add an extra dimension of fun to playtime. The smooth underside allows for comfortable gripping during retrieval, while the raised ridges on the top surface create an intriguing chewing texture that satisfies your dog’s natural chewing instincts.

More Than Just Fetch: Promotes Mental and Physical Wellbeing:

The KONG Flyangle isn’t just a toy; it’s a valuable tool for promoting your large dog’s overall health and well-being. Engaging games of fetch provide much-needed exercise, helping to combat boredom and destructive behaviors. Additionally, the unpredictable flight patterns of the Flyangle stimulate your dog’s mental faculties, keeping them sharp and engaged.

Large Breed Fun in Every Bounce:

The KONG Flyangle is the perfect solution for large dog owners seeking a durable, engaging fetch toy that can keep up with their powerful canine companions. With its long-distance flights, virtually indestructible construction, and stimulating textures, the KONG Flyangle is sure to become your large dog’s new favorite playtime partner!

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