KONG Dragon Knots

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  • Tug-of-War Ready: Strong rope core satisfies natural instincts.
  • Big Squeaks, Big Fun: Built-in squeaker keeps pups engaged.
  • Minimal Mess: Less stuffing for mess-free playtime.

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Unleash the Fun: KONG Dragon Knots – The Perfect Plaything for Your Medium-Sized Monster

Looking for a toy that ignites your medium dog’s inner dragon slayer? Look no further than KONG Dragon Knots! This whimsical plush toy is more than just adorable; it’s packed with engaging features designed to keep your playful pup entertained for hours.

Built-in Tug-of-War Thrills:

KONG Dragon boasts an internal knotted rope, satisfying your medium dog’s natural tugging instincts. The sturdy rope is strong enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic play sessions, providing endless opportunities for interactive games of tug-of-war.

Big Squeaks for Big Fun:

No furry friend can resist the allure of a good squeak! KONG Dragon Knots features a loud, built-in squeaker that’s sure to get your dog’s tail wagging. The playful squeak entices your pup to engage with the toy, encouraging healthy exercise and mental stimulation.

Minimal Mess, Maximum Mayhem:

KONG understands that playtime shouldn’t mean cleanup duty. That’s why Dragon Knots are designed with minimal stuffing. This means less mess for you and more fun for your dog! They can toss, cuddle, and thrash their new dragon companion without leaving a trail of stuffing in their wake.

Beyond the Squeak:

KONG Dragon aren’t just about satisfying your dog’s tugging desires. The magical wings of the plush dragon contain a crinkly material that adds another layer of auditory excitement. This crinkling sound piques your dog’s curiosity and keeps them engaged during independent play.

A Perfect Match for Medium Mutts:

KONG Dragon Knots come in a size specifically designed for medium-sized dogs. The size ensures comfortable gripping and carrying for your pup, allowing them to play with ease.

More Than Just a Toy:

KONG Dragon Knots are more than just a fun playtime companion. They help promote healthy chewing behaviors, reduce boredom, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog through interactive play sessions.

So, ditch the ordinary and unleash the extraordinary with KONG Dragon Knots! This exciting toy is sure to become your medium dog’s new favourite, offering endless entertainment, satisfying their natural instincts, and keeping them happy and healthy.

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