KONG Cross Knots Monkey

  • KONG
  • Knotted ropes satisfy chewing & keep teeth clean.
  • Hidden squeaker sparks playful fun & engagement.
  • Less mess thanks to minimal stuffing, more chomping joy.
  • Soft plush body for cozy cuddles & naps.
  • Multi-textured fun stimulates senses & strengthens your bond.
  • KONG-tough for even the most enthusiastic chewers.

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Unleash Playtime Pranks with the KONG Cross Knots Monkey for Small & Medium Dogs!

Is your playful pup craving a furry friend who doubles as a chew-tastic challenge? Look no further than the KONG Cross Knots Monkey! This adorable plush pal isn’t just soft and cuddly (perfect for snuggles!), he’s packed with surprises that’ll keep your small or medium-sized canine grinning from ear to ear.

Monkey Business Meets KONG-tastic Durability:

The KONG Cross Knots Monkey isn’t your average stuffed toy. Crafted with KONG’s legendary toughness, this monkey sports multiple knotted rope arms and legs, perfect for tug-of-wars and satisfying chews. The minimal stuffing means less mess for you and more fun for your furry friend. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

Hidden Squeaks for Infectious Giggles:

Tucked inside the monkey’s plush belly lies a mischievous squeaker, guaranteed to trigger bursts of playful yaps and tail wags. Every chomp and tug releases a squeaky giggle, encouraging interactive play and keeping your pup’s natural instincts happy. Whether it’s a solo squeaking session or a playful game of fetch, the KONG Cross Monkey will have your small or medium breed dog bouncing with joy.

More Than Just Play, It’s Enrichment:

The KONG Cross Monkey isn’t just a toy, it’s a multi-sensory playground for your pup! The knotted ropes satisfy chewing urges, promoting dental health and reducing destructive behaviour. The soft plush body provides comfort and cuddles, while the hidden squeaker stimulates curiosity and keeps your dog mentally engaged. Whether it’s a playful wrestle or a cozy cuddle, the KONG Cross Monkey offers your small or medium dog endless ways to entertain themselves and bond with you.

So, unleash the playtime pranks with the KONG Cross Monkey! Watch your furry friend go bananas for this durable, squeaky, and oh-so-cuddly toy designed specifically for the playstyle of small and medium breed dogs.
Order your KONG Cross Knots Monkey today and let the monkey business begin!

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