KONG Cozie Tuggz Alligator

  • KONG
  • Satisfies Tugging Instincts: Built with a strong, knotted rope handle  to tug and thrash to their heart’s content.
  • Cuddly Comfort: Super-soft plush gator body provides a cozy companion for snuggles after playtime.
  • Interactive Play: Built-in squeaker and crinkle textures keep pups engaged and entertained during play.
  • Durable Design: Reinforced plush construction withstands energetic play from medium & large dogs.

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Unleash Tugging Fun and Cuddly Comfort: KONG Cozie Tuggz Alligator for Medium to Large Breeds

Looking for a toy that satisfies your medium to large dog’s natural instincts for tug-of-war and provides cozy cuddle time? Look no further than the KONG Cozie Tuggz Alligator! This exciting plush toy combines everything your playful pup desires in one irresistible package.

Built for Tugging Champions: Medium to Large Breeds Rejoice!

The KONG Cozie Tuggz Alligator is specifically designed for the enthusiastic pulling power of medium to large breeds. Its sturdy construction features a knotted cotton rope handle that’s cleverly woven into the alligator’s body. This ingenious design ensures the rope can withstand even the most aggressive tugging sessions, keeping playtime going strong.

More Than Just Tugging: Interactive Play and Soothing Snuggles

While the KONG Cozie Tuggz Alligator excels at satisfying your dog’s tugging desires, it offers so much more. The gator’s plush body is crafted from super-soft material, perfect for those cuddle moments after a playful tussle. This combination of tough rope for tugging and soft plush for snuggling provides a well-rounded play experience that keeps your furry friend engaged and happy.

Sounds and Textures to Keep the Fun Going

The KONG Tuggz Alligator isn’t just about the tugging and cuddling. This interactive toy incorporates exciting sounds and textures to keep your medium to large breed pup stimulated and coming back for more. The alligator features a built-in squeaker that entices your dog with playful sounds during tug-of-war. Additionally, the plush body incorporates crinkle materials that provide an extra layer of captivating textures, further extending the entertainment value of this fantastic toy.

Durable Design for Long-Lasting Play

The KONG Tuggz Alligator is built to last, even with the most energetic medium to large breed dogs. The combination of a strong knotted rope handle, reinforced plush construction, and minimal stuffing ensures this toy can withstand hours of enthusiastic play.

Interactive Fun and Cuddly Comfort: The Perfect Combination

The KONG Cozie Tuggz Alligator provides the ideal blend of interactive tugging fun and soothing cuddle comfort for your medium to large breed dog. It’s a toy that caters to your pup’s natural instincts while offering a sense of security and companionship. So, watch your furry friend light up with excitement during tug-of-war sessions and then melt into blissful snuggles with their new gator friend!

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