Classic Hybrid Stainless Steel Dish

  • Classic Pet
  • Unbreakable: Heavy-duty steel built for any breed’s appetite.
  • Grip & Go: Slip-resistant ring keeps food contained, no more flips or skids.
  • Clean Dreams: Dishwasher-safe stainless & removable ring for effortless washing.
  • Size it Right: Multiple sizes for every pup’s perfect portions.
  • Modern Munch: Stylish design elevates any mealtime space.

Dish Up Delight for Any Doggo: The Classic Hybrid Stainless Steel Dish

Forget the picky-eater blues! Introducing the Classic Hybrid Stainless Steel Dish, the ultimate mealtime companion for every breed under the sun. From tiny terriers to gentle giants, this innovative dish caters to every canine’s culinary needs, making mealtimes a messy-free, tail-wagging celebration.

Durability meets Delight: Crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, this dish stands up to even the most enthusiastic eaters. No more plastic cracks or chipped ceramics, just unwavering strength that your furry friend can sink their teeth into (metaphorically, of course!). Whether you’ve got a Labrador slurping down kibble or a Chihuahua crunching on treats, the Classic Hybrid can handle it all.

Hybrid Happiness: But this dish isn’t just tough, it’s smart too. The dual-layered design features a removable silicone ring that hugs the stainless steel base, creating a slip-resistant grip. No more skittering dishes across the floor or frustrating flips! This clever combo keeps your pup’s food safely contained, even during the most energetic mealtime moments.

Clean-Up Confidence: Gone are the days of scrubbing stubborn food stains. The smooth stainless steel surface wipes clean in a flash, while the removable silicone ring pops off for easy dishwasher duty. No more battling baked-on kibble or wrestling with greasy gunk – just hygienic happiness in every wash.

Tailored for Every Tummy: The Classic Hybrid comes in multiple sizes to perfectly suit your pup’s appetite. From petite poodles to majestic mastiffs, there’s a dish that’s just right. And the classic, sleek design looks as good as it performs, adding a touch of modern style to any kitchen or dining area.

So, ditch the dish dilemmas and transform mealtime into a joyful experience for your furry best friend. The Classic Hybrid Stainless Steel Dish is more than just a bowl, it’s an invitation to adventure, a celebration of good food, and a testament to your unwavering love for your four-legged companion. Get yours today and watch your doggo’s tail wag with every delicious bite!

Order your Classic Hybrid Stainless Steel Dish now and experience the difference!

Available colour Pink, Blue

Available size Small (350mls), Medium (700ml), Large (1500ml)

Weight N/A

Blue, Pink


Small, Medium, Large


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