LickiMat Wobble

  • LickiMat
  • Unleash playful licking and chewing!
  • Soothe boredom & anxiety with calming lick action.
  • Slows down mealtime for healthier eating.
  • Endless treat combos on unique textured surface.
  • Dishwasher safe & vet approved for carefree fun.
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Unleash Licky Bliss: The Wobble Revolution for Any Breed Dog

Forget the same old bowl, mealtime just got a whole lot more wiggle with the LickiMat Wobble! This ingenious, interactive treat dispenser is designed to send any breed dog’s tail wagging with a delightful challenge that’s as delicious as it is stimulating.

Say goodbye to boredom and hello to wobbly fun! The LickiMat Wobble’s unique, textured surface is irresistible to any dog’s tongue. Simply spread their favourite treat (peanut butter, yogurt, wet food, the possibilities are endless!) onto the mat and watch as they enthusiastically lick and nudge their way to tasty rewards. The unpredictable wobble keeps them engaged and their minds active, while the textured surface promotes slower, healthier eating.

No matter your furry friend’s size or breed, the LickiMat Wobble caters to them all. Its flexible silicone design adapts to different jaw shapes and sizes, making it perfect for tiny terriers to giant Great Danes. And the BPA-free, food-grade silicone ensures worry-free playtime, even for the most enthusiastic lickers.

But the benefits of the LickiMat Wobble go beyond just mealtime:
  • Reduces anxiety and boredom: Licking is a calming activity for dogs, and the Wobble’s engaging design provides long-lasting mental stimulation, keeping them occupied and content.
  • Improves dental health: The textured surface helps scrape away plaque and food debris, promoting cleaner teeth and gums.
  • Slows down mealtime: Licking encourages slower, more controlled eating, which can aid digestion and prevent gulping.
  • Strengthens the bond with your dog: Interactive playtime with the LickiMat Wobble strengthens the connection between you and your furry companion.

So, ditch the dull bowl and unleash the Wobble Revolution! Watch your dog’s eyes light up with excitement as they tackle this wobbly treat challenge. The LickiMat Wobble – mealtime just got a whole lot more fun, for any breed dog!

Order your LickiMat Wobble today and let the wobbly fun begin!
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Remember, the LickiMat Wobble – wobble your way to a happier, healthier dog!

Available size 8 x 16.5cm

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Green, Orange, Purple, Turquoise


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