Burns Original Lamb & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

  • Burns
  • Single-source Lamb: Pure protein for muscle & energy, gentle on sensitive stomachs.
  • Slow-Burn Brown Rice: Sustained fuel for all-day adventures.
  • Hypo-allergenic Bliss: Limited ingredients, big smiles for allergy-prone pups.
  • Wholesome Goodness: Oats, peas & seaweed nourish digestion, skin & coat.
  • Vet-Made with Love: Complete & balanced nutrition, crafted by experts.
  • Happy Dog Promise: Fuel boundless energy & a life well-lived.
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Fueling Adult Adventures: Why Burns Original Lamb & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food is Your Dog’s Perfect Match

Nourish your adult dog’s boundless spirit with Burns Original Lamb & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food – a complete hypo-allergenic diet crafted with nature’s finest ingredients for optimal health and vitality. This recipe, meticulously formulated by award-winning veterinary surgeon John Burns MBE, goes beyond just filling bellies. It empowers adult dogs to chase squirrels, conquer hikes, and snuggle with you after a long day, all while supporting their well-being from the inside out.

Unleash the Power of Lamb:

At the heart of Burns Original Lamb lies pasture-raised lamb, bursting with essential amino acids and protein to build and maintain lean muscle mass. This single-source protein is gentle on sensitive stomachs, making it ideal for adult dogs with food allergies or intolerances. No more itchy skin or upset tummies – just pure, delicious nutrition that fuels your dog’s every adventure.

Brown Rice for Sustained Energy:

Brown rice, a whole-grain powerhouse, provides a steady stream of complex carbohydrates for sustained energy throughout the day. Whether your dog is tackling agility courses or exploring the backyard, this low-fat formula delivers the fuel they need to stay active and engaged, without the post-meal crash.

More Than Just Food:

Burns Original Lamb & Brown Rice is a symphony of wholesome ingredients, each playing a vital role in your dog’s well-being. Oats and peas offer essential fiber for healthy digestion, while seaweed adds a natural boost of vitamins and minerals. This carefully balanced blend supports strong teeth and bones, a gleaming coat, and a vibrant zest for life.

Why Choose Burns Original Lamb & Brown Rice for Your Adult Dog:
  • Hypo-allergenic: Single-source protein and limited ingredients make it ideal for sensitive stomachs.
  • Complete and balanced: Provides all the essential nutrients your adult dog needs to thrive.
  • Low in fat: Supports healthy weight management and active lifestyles.
  • Sustained energy: Brown rice delivers long-lasting fuel for adventures big and small.
  • Healthy skin & coat: Essential nutrients nourish your dog’s natural beauty from the inside out.
  • Vet-developed recipe: Formulated by an award-winning veterinary surgeon for optimal adult dog health.

Give your adult dog the gift of a healthy, happy life with Burns Lamb & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food. It’s more than just food – it’s the fuel for boundless adventures and unconditional love.

Embrace every tail wag, every playful bark, every muddy paw print. Choose Original Lamb & Brown Rice. Choose a life well-lived.

Remember, Burns Original Lamb & Brown Rice is formulated specifically for adult dogs over 9 months old. For puppies or senior dogs, explore the Burns range for tailor-made nutritional solutions.


Brown Rice (58%), Lamb Meal (24%), Oats, Lamb Fat, Peas, Seaweed, Minerals

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