Skinner’s Field & Trial Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food

  • Skinners
  • Real Duck Protein: Fuels lean muscle & energy for active hounds.
  • Gentle on Tummies: No wheat, maize, or barley – perfect for sensitive pups.
  • Shiny Coat & Healthy Skin: Omega-3s keep your dog looking & feeling pawsome. ✨
  • Strong Bones & Teeth: Balanced minerals for every playful chomp.
  • Delicious Digestibility: Rice fuels quick bursts of energy for endless zoomies.
  • Fueling Adventures: Unleash the Field & Trial spirit with yummy goodness.

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Unleash the Field & Trial Spirit in Your Adult Dog: Fuel Their Adventures with Skinner’s Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food

Is your adult dog a furry force of nature? Do they crave wide-open spaces, boundless energy, and adventures that leave you breathless? Then unleash the Field & Trial spirit within them with Skinner’s Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food – the complete, delicious formula designed to power their every leap, chase, and wag.

Made with real duck, the protein your adult dog craves, Skinner’s Field & Trial Duck & Rice is a symphony of natural goodness. This highly digestible protein source provides essential amino acids for building strong muscles, supporting healthy joints, and fueling their boundless energy reserves. No wheat, maize, or barley means even sensitive stomachs can join the Field & Trial fun – say goodbye to digestive woes and hello to tail-wagging glee!

But this isn’t just fuel for the fire, it’s a feast for the senses. Each kibble bursts with the savory taste of duck, enhanced by the gentle sweetness of rice. This carefully balanced blend of carbohydrates delivers sustained energy, keeping your dog ready for anything the day throws their way, from frisbee marathons to woodland explorations.

Skinner’s Field & Trial Duck & Rice is more than just food, it’s a promise. It’s a promise of healthy skin and a gleaming coat, thanks to the inclusion of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a promise of strong bones and teeth, supported by a balanced mineral profile. It’s a promise of a happy, healthy dog, brimming with vitality and ready to conquer every field and trial by your side.

So, are you ready to unleash the Field & Trial spirit in your adult dog? Watch their eyes light up at the aroma of real duck, witness their zoomies reach new heights with sustained energy, and bask in the joy of a dog living their best life – all fueled by the power of Skinner’s Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food.

Join the Field & Trial pack today and let your adult dog chase their dreams, one delicious kibble at a time.
Remember, Skinner’s Field & Trial Duck & Rice Dry Dog Food is:
  • Made with real duck for optimal protein and energy
  • Highly digestible, perfect for sensitive stomachs
  • Free from wheat, maize, and barley
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Balanced minerals for strong bones and teeth
  • Fueling adventures for all adult dogs
Unleash the Field & Trial spirit within. Choose Skinner’s Duck & Rice.


Whole grain rice (40%), duck meat meal (20%), husked oats, peas, whole linseeds, sunflower oil, beet pulp, vitamins, and trace elements.

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