VETIQ Denti-Care Teething For Puppies

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  • Soothe sore gums: Chamomile, peppermint & clove for natural comfort.
  • Crunch cravings conquered: Crispy shell satisfies gnawing, saves furniture.
  • Fresh breath bonus: Say goodbye to puppy breath nightmares!
  • Packed with puppy goodness: Vitamins & minerals for healthy growth.
  • Training time treats: Delicious reward for good behaviour.
  • No harsh nasties: Gentle flavours, safe for tiny teeth.
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Tame the Tiny Tantrums: Soothe Those Gums with VETIQ Denti-Care Teething Treats for Puppies!

Puppies bring boundless joy, but those tiny teeth erupting? Not so much. Cue the gnawing, the whimpering, the furniture-turned-chew toys. Fear not, fellow puppy parents, for VETIQ Denti-Care Teething For Puppies are here to rescue you both from the teething terror!

Specially crafted for our tiniest chewers (from 4 weeks old!), VETIQ Denti-Care Teething Treats are a delicious double-whammy of soothing relief and playful chomping. Imagine the scene: your adorable pup crunches through the crispy outer shell, the creamy filling bursting with natural chamomile, peppermint, and clove oils melts onto their sore gums, sending a wave of calming comfort through their tiny bodies. Suddenly, gnawing on your slippers becomes a distant memory, replaced by happy tail wags and contented sighs.

But VETIQ Denti-Care Teething Treats go beyond just soothing gums. They’re packed with puppy-loving goodness:
  • Natural ingredients: No harsh chemicals or artificial nasties here, just gentle flavours and soothing extracts your pup can safely enjoy.
  • Delicious duo: The crunchy shell and creamy filling keep those little jaws busy, satisfying their natural urge to chew (goodbye, furniture!).
  • Fresh breath bonus: Say goodbye to puppy breath nightmares! These treats help freshen your pup’s breath while they chew, leaving you with a kissable (and non-furniture-flavoured) friend.
  • Vitamin-fortified: Each treat is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, supporting your puppy’s healthy growth and development.
  • Training treat magic: Need a positive reinforcement tool for those early training days? These treats are perfect! Their delicious taste and satisfying crunch make them the ideal reward for good behaviour.

So, ditch the chewed-up slippers and ditch the teething blues. VETIQ Denti-Care Teething Treats are your one-stop shop for soothing gums, happy pups, and a harmonious home. Let the playful chomping commence, and watch the joy return to your puppy’s eyes (and your own!).

Order your bag of VETIQ Denti-Care Teething Treats today and unleash the puppy smiles!
Remember, teething doesn’t have to be a battlefield. Choose VETIQ Denti-Care Teething Treats and let the good times roll!


Cereals, Oils & Fats (2.4% Omega 3 and 5.7% Omega 6), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat & Animal Derivatives (4% Chicken), Minerals.

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