Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs

  • Sharples n Grant
  • Snuggle havens & bite-sized adventures in one!
  • Climb, burrow, gnaw – endless fun for tiny explorers.
  • Natural wood keeps teeth happy & habitats chic.
  • Say goodbye to boredom, hello to happy naps!
  • Available in sizes for every furry friend.
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Unleash the Inner Log-Lounger in Your Little Critter with Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs!

Is your small furry friend tired of the same old cardboard castles and hay huts? Do they yearn for a luxurious retreat fit for a tiny adventurer? Look no further than Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs – the ultimate boredom-busting, snuggle-inducing haven for all things fluffy and adventurous!

Crafted from 100% natural, pet-safe wood, these charmingly bite-sized logs offer more than just a comfy cuddle puddle. They’re an open invitation to explore, climb, nibble, and nap!

Transform your small animal’s habitat into a wonderland of lounging possibilities:
  • Build cozy burrow bridges and hideaway tunnels with the logs’ interlocking design. Watch your hamster become a fearless tunnel explorer or your guinea pig burrow like a champion!
  • Create climbing challenges: Stack the logs into mini mountains, build wobbly towers, or design obstacle courses that test your furry friend’s agility.
  • Satisfy those natural gnawing instincts: The safe and healthy wood is perfect for gentle nibbling, keeping those constantly growing teeth in check.
  • Snuggle sessions guaranteed: The invitingly rounded shape and natural texture provide the perfect cozy corner for naps, popcorn crunching, and general lounging about.

Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs are more than just a toy; they’re a multi-sensory playground that stimulates curiosity, encourages exercise, and provides much-needed stress relief. Plus, their natural aesthetic adds a touch of rustic charm to any habitat.

Available in a variety of sizes and wood types, you can find the perfect log set to entice your tiny explorer:
  • Hazelnut-sized wonders: Ideal for nimble mice and dwarf hamsters.
  • Acorns fit for a king: Perfect for adventurous gerbils and curious chinchillas.
  • Logs fit for lounging guinea pigs: Big enough for a luxurious sprawl or a playful tunnel race.

Upgrade your small animal’s life with Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs! Watch their eyes light up as they discover their new favourite hangout, nibble-and-nap station, and adventure playground all rolled into one. Give your furry friend the gift of lounging like a tiny, majestic log lord!

Order your Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs today and witness the transformation!

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