Simple Solution Chew Stopper

  • Simple Solution
  • Stops destructive chewing: Furniture, shoes, wires? Safe, bitter taste says “No!”
  • Protects & heals: Discourages licking wounds & hot spots, aids recovery.
  • Supports training: No more chewed belongings, easier potty & obedience training.
  • Safe & easy: Non-toxic, clear, stain-free, convenient spray bottle.
  • Multi-purpose: Furniture, skin, wires, and more!

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Is Your Dog Turning Your Furniture into Sawdust? Put a Stop to Chewing with Simple Solution Chew Stopper!

Is your adorable pup leaving a trail of destruction in their wake? Shoes shredded, furniture gnawed, and wires looking like they belong in a horror movie? You’re not alone! Chewing is a natural behavior in dogs and puppies, but it doesn’t have to leave your home looking like a disaster zone. Enter Simple Solution Chew Stopper, the safe and effective way to nip chewing problems in the bud!

Say Goodbye to Chewed Up Belongings and hello to Happy Chewing!

Chew Stopper is a dog-safe, bitter-tasting spray designed to discourage your furry friend from chomping on anything they shouldn’t. The formula works by making furniture, shoes, wires, and other tempting objects taste unpleasant, teaching your pup to seek out appropriate chew toys instead.

But it’s not just about stopping unwanted chewing! Simple Solution Chew Stopper can also be used to:
  • Discourage licking and biting: Protect your pup from ingesting harmful substances or irritating their skin.
  • Aid in training: Make potty training and obedience training easier by deterring unwanted chewing on furniture, clothes, and other belongings.
  • Support recovery: Discourage licking or chewing at wounds, bandages, or hot spots, promoting faster healing.
Safe, Effective, and Easy to Use:

Simple Solution Chew Stopper is formulated with non-toxic ingredients that are safe for both dogs and their humans. It’s also clear and non-staining, so you won’t have to worry about unsightly marks on your furniture. The convenient spray bottle makes application a breeze, allowing you to target specific areas where your pup might be tempted to chew.

Don’t wait until your favorite shoes become chew toys! Take control of your pup’s chewing habits with Simple Solution Chew Stopper. Order yours today and say goodbye to chewed-up belongings and hello to a happier, healthier dog!
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