Pet Head Quick Fix Spray

  • Pet Head
  • Muddy Mayhem? Clean & shine coats in seconds, no bath!
  • Nourishing Treat: Argan, coconut oils for silky fur & happy skin.
  • Time-Saving Hero: Perfect for park touch-ups, travel refreshes & more.
  • “Peachy Pooch” Paradise: Ditch doggy smells, embrace fruity bliss.
  • Skip the Suds, Embrace the Spritz! Pampered pup in a bottle.
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Pet Head Quick Fix Spray: From Muddy Mishap to Movie Star Mutt in Seconds!

Life with a furry adventurer can be ruff. One minute they’re frolicking in the park, the next they’re a rolling mud monster. Before you reach for the suds, say hello to Pet Head Quick Fix Spray, your secret weapon for instant paw-fectness!

Transform bedraggled to bewitching in a spritz: Gone are the days of impromptu baths and soapy wrestling matches. Just a few pumps of Pet Head Fix Spray takes your dirty dog from “dirt dog” to “diva dog” in record time. No more messy suds, just a quick, convenient clean that leaves coats sparkling and pups smelling oh-so-scrumptious.

But it’s not just a magic mud eraser! Pet Head Fix Spray is a nourishing oasis for your furry friend’s fur and skin. Argan, coconut, and jojoba oils work their magic, detangling and adding a silky shine that would make any shampooer jealous. Plus, aloe vera and vegetable protein soothe and strengthen, leaving coats healthy and happy.

And the best part? It’s a total time-saver: No more battling with slippery pups in the tub. No more endless towel drying. Pet Head  Fix Spray is your on-the-go grooming solution, perfect for:
  • Post-park primping: Before Fido joins you for coffee, banish park grime with a quick spritz.
  • Between-bath brilliance: Keep that fresh-from-the-groomer feeling going long after bath day.
  • Travel-friendly touch-ups: Refresh your pup after a car ride or hotel stay.
  • Accidents happen: Oops, rolled in something smelly? Pet Head Fix Spray to the rescue!

Available in our irresistible “Peachy Pooch” scent, Pet Head Fix Spray will not only leave your dog looking and smelling fantastic, but will also have you sniffing their fur for more!

So ditch the suds and embrace the spritz! Pet Head Quick Fix Spray is the ultimate shortcut to a happy, healthy, and irresistibly cuddly pup.
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