Animology Hair Of The Dog Shampoo

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  • Kicks Tangles: Bid adieu to painful knots and hello to silky ease!
  • Deep Cleanses: Buh-bye doggy funk! Dirt, grime, and smells vanish in a lather.
  • Shines like Stars: Unleash your pup’s natural radiance with a silky, radiant coat.
  • Gentle & Kind: Sensitive skin? No worries! This formula soothes and pampers.
  • Freshness Lingers: Delightful scent keeps woof-tacular smells all day long.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Pamper with peace of mind. Natural ingredients, happy pups.

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Unleash a Flawless, Knot-Free Coat with Animology Hair of the Dog Shampoo: Say Goodbye to Tangles, Hello to Silky Bliss!

Is your furry friend’s fabulous mane more “matted mess” than “model mutt”? Does bath time turn into a tug-of-war with tangles? Unleash the hidden shine under those snarls with Animology Hair of the Dog Shampoo, the ultimate weapon in your grooming arsenal.

Hair of the Dog Shampoo isn’t just any rinse-and-repeat. It’s a luxurious, lather-licious spa in a bottle, specially formulated to transform tangled tresses into a tangle-free dream. Enriched with vitamins and conditioners like Pro-Vitamin B5, this innovative formula melts away knots like snow in the sun, leaving your pup’s coat silky, smooth, and oh-so-manageable.

Bid farewell to brush-battling frustration! Hair of the Dog’s unique detangling agents work their magic while you lather, gently separating strands and leaving them soft, manageable, and ready to shine. No more yanking, tugging, or tearful bathtime blues – just happy hounds with healthy, happy coats.

But the pampering doesn’t stop there! Hair of the Dog Shampoo goes beyond detangling to deliver a deep clean that removes dirt, odors, and that elusive doggy “funk”. Its mild, yet effective formula removes grime without stripping away natural oils, leaving your pup smelling like a fresh field of springtime daisies (not yesterday’s muddy adventures).

Here’s why Hair of the Dog Shampoo is the ultimate mane tamer:
  • Knot-busting bliss: Say goodbye to painful detangling and hello to effortless brushing.
  • Silky smooth finish: Leaves coats soft, shiny, and manageable for effortless grooming.
  • Deep-down clean: Removes dirt, odours, and lingering doggy smells.
  • Gentle on sensitive skin: Mild formula is kind to even the most delicate pups.
  • Fresh, delightful scent: Leaves your furry friend smelling paw-sitively divine.

Available in a convenient 250ml bottle, Hair of the Dog Shampoo is the perfect way to say “Woof!” to a healthy, happy, tangle-free coat. So ditch the detangling drama and unleash the inner supermodel in your dog. Unleash the power of Hair of the Dog Shampoo today!

Remember: For longer-lasting tangle-free magic, combine Hair of the Dog Shampoo with our Knot Sure spray – the dynamic duo for a coat that’s always ready to strut its stuff!
Ready to give your pup the gift of a fabulous, tangle-free life? Order your bottle of Hair of the Dog Shampoo now!

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