Mr Johnson’s Supreme Rat & Mouse Mix

  • Mr. Johnsons
  • Wholegrain cereals, nutritious flaked and dried vegetables
  • Dried mealworms for natural animal protein
  • A sprinkling of sunflower seeds for energy and vegetable protein
  • Plus with Verm-X herbal blend to promote intestinal health

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Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Rat & Mouse Mix is a fibrous, nutritious, and wholesome blend of cereals, grains, vegetables, seeds, mealworms, and extrusions. Supplying Rats and Mice with tasty, healthy food in a variety of textures to help with dental wear.

Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Rat & Mouse Mix is a complementary feed for rats and mice and should be fed together with a small quantity of suitable fresh fruit & vegetables daily and fresh clean water must always be available.


Torrified wheat, flaked peas, wheat extrusions*, flaked maize, whole oats, grass nuts, wheat extrusions*, whole maize, flaked beans, whole barley, red millet, locust bean extrusions, Soya extrusions, vitaminised extrusions*, flaked Soya beans, dried carrot, mealworms, sunflower seeds, Verm-X blend, Soya oil.

  • Size 900g
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