Mr Johnson’s Supreme Junior & Dwarf Rabbit Mix

  • Mr. Johnsons
  • Specially formulated mixture for young and dwarf rabbits
  • Contains our famously tasty steamed flaked peas
  • Added alfalfa and dried carrots
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Plus special herbal blend to promote intestinal health
  • Encourages natural foraging and aids dental wear

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Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Junior & Dwarf Rabbit Mix is a fibrous, nutritious, and wholesome blend of steam-flaked peas, carrots, cereals, pellets, extrusions & herbs.  Supplying your rabbit with tasty, healthy food in a variety of textures to encourage your rabbit’s natural foraging instinct.

Feeding the correct diet to your rabbit is essential for maintaining good health. Rabbits require high fibre levels in their diet to aid normal digestive function and aid essential dental wear.

Mr Johnson’s Supreme Junior & Dwarf Rabbit Mix is a complementary feed for junior & dwarf rabbits in particular and should be fed together with unlimited access to good quality hay which is a good source of fibre and an essential part of your rabbit’s diet.  A small number of fresh greens should also be fed daily and fresh clean water should always be available.


Flaked steamed peas, concentrate pellets (wheat feed, sunflower extract, straw, sugar beet, calcium carbonate, molasses, grassmeal, sodium chloride, vegetable oil, vitamin & trace element premix, dicalcium phosphate), flaked barley, flaked maize, locust bean extrusions, wheat extrusions, dried carrot, Lucerne, Verm-X blend, Soya oil.

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