Mr Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig Mix

  • Mr Johnson’s
  • • Tasty Variety: Delightful mix of flavours & textures for every nibble.
  • Health Essentials: Fiber, Vitamin C, & vital minerals for optimal wellbeing.
  • Active Fun: Diverse shapes spark foraging instincts & keep minds sharp.
  • Happy Wheeks: Every bite bursts with joy & deliciousness.
  • Vet-Formulated: Complete & balanced diet for worry-free feeding.
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Unleash the Wheek Within: Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig Mix – It’s Not Just Food, It’s a Feast for Every Furry Friend!

Are you tired of guinea pig food that looks like dust bunnies and sounds like tumbleweeds? Then saddle up and say hello to Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig Mix, the kibble that puts the “supreme” in supreme-ly happy piggies!

Packed with a burst of wholesome ingredients, Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig isn’t just a meal, it’s a sensory adventure. Imagine tiny taste buds exploding with the sweet crunch of steam-flaked peas, the earthy aroma of alfalfa hay, and the delectable crunch of mixed cereals.

But this gourmet guinea pig goodness isn’t just about flavor. We’ve meticulously crafted Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig Mix to be a nutritional powerhouse, bursting with fiber to keep those digestive wheels turning, loaded with vitamin C to keep your furry friend fighting fit, and packed with a rainbow of essential vitamins and minerals for long-lasting health and vitality.

And we haven’t forgotten the fun! This mix is a riot of textures and shapes, designed to trigger your guinea pig’s natural foraging instincts. Watch those adorable noses twitch with excitement as they hunt for their favorite bits, from crunchy pellets to chewy alfalfa nuggets. Every mealtime becomes a treasure hunt, keeping those little minds and bodies active!

Here’s why Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig is the ultimate treat for your little hay connoisseur:
  • A Wholesome Symphony of Deliciousness: Steam-flaked peas, alfalfa hay, mixed cereals, and more, all blended into a tastebud-tantalizing mix.
  • Power-Packed with Nutrition: Essential fiber, vitamin C, and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for optimal health and happiness.
  • Fueling Fun and Adventure: Diverse textures and shapes keep guinea pigs entertained and mentally stimulated at mealtime.
  • Guaranteed Wheeks of Satisfaction: Watch your guinea pig’s joy bloom as they devour every delicious bite.

Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig Mix – because your furry friend deserves the best. Give them the supreme snacking experience they crave today!

Remember: Always offer unlimited access to good quality hay alongside for a complete and balanced diet.
Get ready to unleash the wheek within with Mr. Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig Mix!


Concentrate pellets ( barley, wheat feed, peas, limestone, Soya, molasses, dicalcium phosphate, extracted sunflower, vegetable fat, binder, vitamin & mineral supplement, vitamin C), flaked steamed peas, flaked barley, flaked maize, locust bean extrusions, flaked Soya beans, flaked beans, wheat extrusions*, dried carrot, grass, alfalfa, Verm-X blend, Soya oil.

  • Size 900g, 2.25kg, 15kg
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900g, 2.25kg, 15kg


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