Moderna Corner Hooded Flip Loo

  • Moderna Pet
  • Space-saving corner design: Fits snug & keeps it discreet.
  • Effortless cleaning: Flip door for easy scooping, no more contortions!
  • Kitty privacy & fresh home: Hooded design & odour filter for happy cats & humans.
  • Durable & stylish: Built to last & blends with your décor.
  • Easy maintenance: Includes scoop for hassle-free cleaning.

Unleash the Purrfect Litter Experience with the Moderna Corner Hooded Flip Loo

Say goodbye to bulky litter boxes that cramp your style and hello to the Moderna Corner Hooded Flip Loo, a revolutionary solution for feline hygiene and your home’s aesthetics. This innovative litter box doesn’t just discreetly contain your cat’s “business,” it transforms cat litter management into a breeze.

Space-Saving Corner Design:

Tired of that unsightly litter box dominating your living space? The Moderna Corner Hooded Flip Loo fits snugly into any corner, maximizing your floor space and keeping your cat’s bathroom discreetly tucked away. This clever design allows you to reclaim precious square footage without sacrificing your feline friend’s comfort.

Effortless Cleaning with the Flip Door:

Scooping litter never felt so easy! The Corner Hooded Flip Loo features a convenient flip-up door that grants instant access to the litter box interior. Simply flip, scoop, and flip back – no more awkward contortions or reaching into a dark box. This innovative design makes maintaining a clean litter box effortless, saving you time and keeping odours at bay.

Privacy and Odour Control for Happy Cats and Fresh Homes:

Your cat deserves a private haven for their business, and the Moderna Corner Hooded Flip Loo provides just that. The hooded design with a translucent door offers privacy while allowing light to enter, creating a comfortable and secure environment for your feline friend. But the benefits don’t stop there! The included activated carbon filter effectively traps and neutralizes unpleasant odours, ensuring your home stays fresh and welcoming.

Premium Materials for Long-Lasting Use:

Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, the Corner Hooded Flip Loo is built to withstand the demands of even the most enthusiastic kitty. This durable and reliable litter box is designed to last for years, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

More Than Just a Litter Box:

The Corner Hooded Flip Loo is more than just a functional necessity; it’s a stylish and modern addition to your home. Available in a variety of colours, it seamlessly blends into your décor, keeping your cat’s bathroom discreet and aesthetically pleasing.

Upgrade your cat’s litter experience and transform cat litter management with the Moderna Corner Hooded Flip Loo. Order yours today and rediscover the joy of a clean, fresh, and clutter-free home!

Available colours: Blue Berry, Hot Pink, Warm Grey

Size: L 56.3 x W 44.4 x H 36.4 cm

Weight N/A

Hot Pink, Blue Berry, Warm Grey


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