Laughing Dog Fruity Paws Dog Treats

  • Laughing Dog
  • Vegan Yum: All-natural plant-powered flavours pups adore.
  • Any Breed Bliss: From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, every tail wags for Fruity Paws.
  • Healthy Happy Dog: Packed with vitamins & minerals for shiny coats & bright eyes.
  • Crunchy Clean Teeth: Unique texture cleans as pups enjoy.
  • Treat Time Celebrations: Rewards, playtime fuel, & pure cuddle joy.

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Unleash the Belly Laughs with Laughing Dog Fruity Paws Dog Treats!

Every dog, from tiny Chihuahuas to gentle giants like Great Danes, deserves tail-wagging treats that tickle their taste buds and make their hearts burst with joy. That’s where Laughing Dog Fruity Paws Dog Treats come bouncing in, ready to unleash a symphony of happy barks and playful pups!

Made with all-natural, plant-powered goodness, Laughing Dog Fruity Paws are like a tropical vacation for your furry friend’s taste buds. We’ve ditched the meat, but not the flavor! These crunchy biscuits come in two irresistible combinations: Tangy Strawberry & Creamy Peanut Butter, and Zesty Raspberry & Sweet Mango. Each mouthful is a burst of deliciousness that any breed – big or small – will go bananas for.

But the fun doesn’t stop at flavour! Laughing Dog Fruity Paws are packed with plant-based nutrients that keep your pup healthy and happy. Whole grains like oats and maize flour provide sustained energy for zoomies and walks, while essential vitamins and minerals support a shiny coat, bright eyes, and a wagging tail. Plus, the unique crunchy texture helps clean teeth as your dog munches with delight.

More than just a treat, Laughing Dog Fruity Paws are a pawsome way to show your furry family member you care. They’re perfect for:
  • Rewarding good behaviour: Say “Woof-tastic!” with a Fruity Paw after mastering that sit-stay, or for conquering those morning walk nerves.
  • Fueling playtime adventures: Whether it’s a frisbee frenzy or a backyard dig-a-thon, these treats provide long-lasting energy for endless fun.
  • Cuddly couch snuggles: Share a Fruity Paw during movie night and witness puppy smiles that melt your heart.

So ditch the boring kibble and grab a bag of Laughing Dog Fruity Paws! Watch your pup’s tail wag with the rhythm of a bongo drum, witness those ears perk up like excited antennae, and hear the joyful barks announce: “Treat time is the best time!” With Laughing Dog Fruity Paws, every day is a reason to celebrate your furry friend.

Get ready to unleash the laughter – it’s time for Fruity Paws!


Maize Flour, Oats (25%), Linseed (5%), Potato Starch, Rapeseed Oil, and Ginger (0.2%).

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