KONG SqueakAir Balls 3pk

  • KONG
  • Perfect for X-Small to Large Breeds: Fun for all sizes!
  • Squeaks & Bounces: Doubles the fun, fuels fetching instincts.
  • Durable & Gentle: Tough on play, kind on teeth (X-Small to Large).
  • Solo or Interactive: Squeaker & bounce keep pups entertained.
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Supercharge Fetch for Every Dog: KONG SqueakAir Balls 3pk (X-Small to Large Breeds)

Looking for a fetch toy that ignites playtime for your furry friend, regardless of size? Look no further than the KONG SqueakAir Balls 3pk, designed for X-Small to Large breeds.

** Unleash Fun for All Sizes:**

These aren’t your average tennis balls! The KONG SqueakAir Balls cater to every pup, from pint-sized Yorkies to playful Labradors. The X-Small to Large breed design ensures a comfortable grip and encourages natural fetching instincts, keeping playtime engaging for all.

The Classic Toy Mashup:

This ingenious toy combines two canine favourites: the iconic tennis ball and the irresistible squeaker. This winning formula taps into your dog’s natural desires to chase, grab, and squeak, leading to endless entertainment.

Built for Tireless Play:

KONG is synonymous with tough and safe dog toys, and the SqueakAir Balls are no exception. Made with X-Small to Large breed durability in mind, they’re constructed with a special non-abrasive felt that’s gentle on your dog’s teeth. This X-Small to Large breed friendly material withstands even the most enthusiastic chewers, ensuring long-lasting fun for you and your pup.

Beyond Fetching Fun:

The SqueakAir Balls aren’t just fetch fanatics’ favourites. The built-in squeaker keeps your dog engaged during solo playtime, while the bouncy nature encourages independent fun. Additionally, the X-Small to Large breed size options offer puzzle-solving possibilities! Hide the smaller balls for your X-Small pup to sniff out, or challenge your Large breed with a game of hide-and-seek fetch.

Memories in Every Squeak:

The KONG SqueakAir Balls are more than just a toy; they’re an investment in lasting memories with your furry best friend. X-Small to Large breed fun is guaranteed, fostering a strong bond through interactive playtime and shared experiences.

So, ditch the boring tennis balls and grab a 3-pack of KONG SqueakAir Balls in the perfect size for your X-Small to Large breed dog. Get ready for endless games of fetch, squeaks, and pure canine joy!

Available size XSmall (3Pk), Small (3Pk), Medium (3Pk), Large (2Pk)

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XSmall, Small, Medium, Large 2pack


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