KONG Signature Sport Balls

  • KONG
  • Tough for Chewers: Extra-thick rubber walls stand up to playful paws & chompers.
  • Gentle on Gums: Soft felt protects teeth & gums during bouncy fetch sessions.
  • More Than Fetch: Hide treats, play in water, the fun possibilities are endless!
  • Legendary KONG Quality: Built to last & unleash months of tail-wagging joy.
  • Perfect Fit: Available in sizes ideal for small & medium breeds.

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Unleash the Fetch Frenzy: KONG Signature Sport Balls for Small & Medium Breeds

Get ready to witness wagging tails and zoomies galore! KONG Signature Sport Balls are here to turbocharge your small or medium dog’s playtime, turning every walk and backyard into a boundless arena of fetching fun. Crafted with your pup’s playful spirit in mind, these extra-tough balls are built to withstand endless games of chase, chew, and retrieve.

Small Dog, Big Fun: Say goodbye to flimsy tennis balls that deflate faster than a birthday balloon. KONG Signature Sport Balls boast extra-thick rubber walls that can handle even the most enthusiastic nibblers and chompers. Whether your terrier’s a toy-throwing tornado or your beagle’s a champion chewer, these balls can take the beating and keep the playtime rolling.

Gentle on Gums, Wild on Bounces: Unlike the harsh abrasiveness of regular tennis balls, KONG Signature Sport Balls are wrapped in a non-abrasive felt that’s gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. This plushy layer means endless fetch sessions without any ouchies, letting your furry friend chase, chomp, and cuddle with their new favorite toy. But don’t be fooled by the softness – these balls still pack a powerful bounce, sending them flying through the air like furry meteors, begging to be chased.

More Than Just Fetch: While KONG Signature Balls are fetch superstars, their fun doesn’t stop there. Use them to hide treats and spark your dog’s natural foraging instincts, or toss them into a pool for a refreshing summer splash. They even float! The possibilities are endless, just like your dog’s energy levels will be after a KONG Signature Sport Ball session.

Built to Last, Made to Play: We know your four-legged friend throws everything they have into playtime. That’s why KONG Signature Balls are crafted with the same legendary durability KONG is known for. These balls are built to weather the storm of playful paws and chomping teeth, ensuring months (or even years!) of tail-wagging fun.

So, ditch the deflated tennis balls and worn-out squeaky toys. KONG Signature Balls are here to unleash the fetch frenzy in your small or medium breed dog. Get ready for epic games, boundless energy, and a whole lot of happy barks. Trust KONG, the leader in dog enrichment, to fill your pup’s playtime with endless joy. Order your KONG Signature Sport Balls today and let the games begin!

Remember: KONG Signature Sport Balls come in sizes designed specifically for small and medium breeds, ensuring the perfect fit for your playful pup. Choose the right size and watch the fun unfold!

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