KONG Shakers Honkers Duck

  • KONG
  • Honk it up! Unique low-tone honk ignites playful interactions and keeps pups engaged.
  • Shake it off! Floppy legs and plush body encourage shaking, satisfying natural pouncing instincts.
  • Built to last: KONG-tough construction withstands enthusiastic chomping and tugging.
  • Textured delight: Massages gums and keeps chewing instincts happy with a stimulating neck.
  • Multi-play mayhem: Fetch, tug, snuggle – this duck is up for any doggo adventure.
  • Treat dispenser surprise: Fill with treats for an extra-special playtime reward.
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Quack your way to playtime glee with the KONG Shakers Honkers Duck!

Is your small to large breed pup craving a plush pal that’s as fun as it is feathery? Look no further than the KONG Shakers Honkers Duck, the ultimate toy for unleashing playful instincts and keeping boredom at bay! This quacktastic duck isn’t just your average stuffed animal; it’s a vibrant, squeaking, shaking sensation that’ll have your furry friend honking with happiness.

Here’s what makes the KONG Shakers Honkers Duck irresistible for pups of all sizes:
  • Honking good fun: Say goodbye to boring squeaks! This duck boasts a unique low-tone honk that’ll pique your pup’s curiosity and trigger endless rounds of playful honking back and forth. Watch those wagging tails go wild!
  • Shake it up, baby! This duck’s not just for cuddling. The floppy legs and plush body are perfect for enthusiastic shaking sessions, satisfying your dog’s natural urge to pounce and play. Get ready for an adorable flurry of feathery fun!
  • Built for tough love: KONG knows dogs. That’s why the Shakers Honkers Duck is crafted with durable, reinforced plush that can withstand even the most enthusiastic chomping and tugging. Small to large breeds, get ready for long-lasting play sessions!
  • Texture that tantalizes: More than just a squeaky toy, the Honkers Duck features a textured neck that massages gums and keeps chewing instincts happy. It’s a delightful combination of soft and stimulating, keeping your pup engaged and entertained.
  • Fetch, tug, snuggle, repeat: This versatile duck is up for anything. Throw it for a game of fetch, engage in a tug-of-war battle, or simply cuddle up for a cozy snooze. The possibilities are endless!

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the playful quacktacular spirit in your small to large breed dog with the KONG Shakers Honkers Duck! It’s more than just a toy; it’s an invitation to a world of honking good fun, laughter, and tail-wagging adventures. Get ready to witness the joy of a ducky friend who’s always up for a good time!

Bonus tip: Fill the Honkers Duck with treats for an extra-special playtime surprise!

Remember, the KONG Shakers Honkers Duck is the perfect way to keep your small to large breed dog entertained, engaged, and quacking with happiness! Order yours today and watch the fun take flight!

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