KONG Rewards Wally

  • KONG
  • Fight Boredom & Challenge: Fun & unpredictable dispenser keeps pups busy.
  • Slow Feeding: Promotes healthy digestion & weight management.
  • Durable Design: Built for medium/large breeds.
  • Easy Clean-Up: Wide opening for hassle-free maintenance.

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Unleash the Fun and Challenge: Engage Your Medium to Large Breed Dog with the KONG Rewards Wally

Looking for a way to keep your medium to large breed pup entertained and mentally stimulated? Look no further than the KONG Rewards Wally, the interactive treat-dispensing toy designed to satisfy your dog’s natural foraging instincts.

More Than Just a Treat Dispenser, It’s a Playful Challenge:

The KONG Rewards Wally isn’t your average treat dispenser. This unique toy wobbles and rolls unpredictably when nudged, mimicking the thrill of the hunt and rewarding your furry friend for their persistence. This unpredictable movement taps into your dog’s natural foraging desires, keeping them engaged and mentally stimulated for extended periods.

Multiple Benefits for Your Medium to Large Breed Dog:
  • Slow Down Feeding & Support Weight Management: The KONG Rewards Wally can be used as a slow feeder, extending mealtimes and helping to prevent gulping, which can lead to bloating and indigestion. By slowing down your dog’s eating pace, the Wally also promotes a feeling of fullness, potentially aiding in weight management.
  • Reduce Boredom & Destructive Behaviour: Boredom is a leading cause of destructive behaviour in dogs. The KONG Rewards Wally provides an enriching mental and physical challenge, keeping your dog occupied and preventing them from finding trouble when left alone.
  • Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Dog: Interactive toys like the KONG Rewards Wally offer a fantastic opportunity to bond with your dog. Fill the Wally with their favourite treats and watch them excitedly nudge and bat it around. You can even turn it into a training tool, rewarding them for desired behaviours.
Designed for Medium to Large Breeds:

The KONG Wally is built to withstand the playful power of medium to large breed dogs. The durable construction ensures it can handle enthusiastic nudging, rolling, and pawing without breaking a sweat. The outer grippy material also helps prevent the Wally from sliding around on smooth surfaces, making it even more engaging for your dog.

Easy to Use and Clean:

The KONG Wally is a breeze to use and maintain. Simply unscrew the top half, fill it with your dog’s favourite kibble or treats, and screw it back together. The wide opening allows for easy filling and cleaning, making it a convenient and long-lasting playtime essential.

So ditch the boring food bowl and transform mealtimes into exciting adventures with the KONG Rewards Wally! This interactive treat dispenser is more than just a toy; it’s a boredom buster, a slow feeder, and a fantastic way to strengthen the bond you share with your furry companion. Watch your medium to large breed dog wag their tail with delight as they work their way towards those delicious rewards!

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