KONG Goodie Bone

  • KONG
  • Ultra-tough rubber for power chewers.
  • Fights boredom & chewing on furniture.
  • Fun challenge with healthy chewing.
  • Extend playtime with tasty treats.
  • Cleans teeth & promotes dental health.

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Keep Your Big Chewer Busy: The KONG Goodie Bone for Large Dogs

Large dogs are bundles of energy, and keeping them entertained can be a challenge. They crave stimulation, and a simple plush toy just won’t cut it. Introducing the KONG Goodie Bone, a virtually indestructible chew toy designed specifically for powerful chewers.

Made for Mighty Chompers

This isn’t your average dog toy. Crafted from KONG’s ultra-durable, veterinarian-recommended rubber, the KONG Bone can withstand even the most aggressive chewers. It provides a satisfying outlet for your dog’s natural chewing instincts, keeping them occupied and mentally stimulated. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

More Than Just a Chew Toy

The KONG Bone goes beyond a simple chew session. This innovative toy features a unique hollow center. Stuff it with your dog’s favourite treats, kibble, or peanut butter. As they chew and paw at the toy, delicious rewards will be dispensed, extending playtime and rewarding their natural foraging instincts.

Benefits for Your Big Pal
  • Ultra-Durable: Made from KONG’s classic, ultra-tough rubber, the KONG Bone is built to last, even against powerful chewers.
  • Combats Boredom: By keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated, helps prevent boredom and destructive chewing.
  • Encourages Play:¬†promotes healthy chewing habits while offering a fun and rewarding challenge.
  • Extend Playtime: Stuff the KONG Goodie Bone with treats for extended play sessions and mental stimulation.
  • Promotes Dental Health: The KONG Goodie Bone’s unique texture can help clean teeth and remove plaque as your dog chews.
Unleash the Power of Play

The KONG Goodie Bone is more than just a toy; it’s an investment in your dog’s well-being. It provides hours of entertainment, reduces boredom, and promotes healthy chewing habits. Fill it with their favourite treats and watch as they conquer boredom and unleash their playful spirit.

Get your KONG Goodie Bone today and give your large dog the ultimate playtime experience!

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