KONG DuraMax Ball

  • KONG
  • Ultra-Durable K-100 Material: Withstands aggressive chewing by medium dogs.
  • Satisfying Flex: Keeps medium dogs engaged and coming back for more.
  • Textured Surface & Ridges: Promotes healthy dental hygiene by massaging gums and cleaning teeth.
  • Built-in Squeaker: Entices playful pups and extends playtime.

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Unleash Energetic Play: KONG DuraMax Ball – A Medium Dog’s Dream Fetch Toy

Looking for a virtually indestructible fetch toy that can keep up with your medium-sized furry friend? Look no further than the KONG DuraMax Ball! This isn’t your average rubber ball – it’s a playtime powerhouse built specifically for the enthusiastic chewer and tireless retriever.

Made for Medium Mayhem:

The KONG DuraMax Ball is crafted from KONG’s ultra-durable, proprietary K-100 material. This specially formulated rubber is strong enough to withstand even the most aggressive chewing sessions, making it the perfect choice for medium breeds with a penchant for destruction. But it’s not just about toughness – the K-100 material also provides a satisfying flex that keeps medium dogs engaged and coming back for more.

More Than Just Fetch:

The KONG DuraMax Ball isn’t just a fetching frenzy waiting to happen, it’s a multi-faceted fun provider! The textured surface and ridges aren’t just there for added grip – they also help promote healthy dental hygiene by massaging gums and scraping away plaque buildup as your dog chews. And to truly amp up the excitement, a built-in squeaker entices your playful pup and keeps them entertained for extended periods.

Built-in Benefits for Medium Mutts:

The KONG DuraMax Ball is more than just a toy – it’s a boredom buster, a dental aid, and a source of mental and physical stimulation, all rolled into one. Here’s how it benefits your medium dog:

  • Durable Design: Say goodbye to shredded tennis balls and deflated squeaky toys. The KONG DuraMax is built to last, offering long-lasting enjoyment and saving you money on replacements.
  • Interactive Play: The combination of a bouncy design, a tempting squeaker, and a textured surface keeps your medium dog mentally stimulated and physically active. It’s the perfect way to channel their natural chewing instincts into a healthy and positive behaviour.
  • Dental Health Support: The textured ridges of the KONG DuraMax Ball help remove plaque and tartar buildup with every chew, promoting better oral hygiene for your medium companion.
Invest in Lasting Playtime:

The KONG DuraMax is an investment in your medium dog’s happiness and well-being. It provides hours of entertainment, promotes healthy chewing habits, and even helps keep their teeth clean. So ditch the flimsy alternatives and give your furry friend the durable, stimulating fun they deserve with the KONG DuraMax Ball!

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