KONG CoreStrength Ball

  • KONG
  • Indestructible Chew: Multi-layered core for large breed durability.
  • Happy & Healthy: Reduces boredom, cleans teeth & gums.
  • Fetch Fun: Durable for interactive play & bonding.

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Unleash Epic Playtime for Your Large Breed Dog: The KONG CoreStrength Ball

Does your large breed dog crave colossal chewing challenges and energetic playtime? Look no further than the KONG CoreStrength Ball, a virtually indestructible toy built to endure the most enthusiastic chompers.

Crafted for Large Breed Durability: The KONG Ball isn’t your average rubber ball. It boasts a KONG-crafted, multi-layered core, specifically designed to withstand the relentless chewing power of large breeds. No more replacing flimsy toys – this one is built to stand the test of time (and teeth!).

Extended Playtime, Satisfied Chewing: Large breed dogs have a lot of energy to burn, and the KONG CoreStrength Ball is the perfect outlet. Its durable construction allows for extended chewing sessions, keeping your furry friend entertained and mentally stimulated. This reduces boredom-induced destructive chewing and promotes healthy play behaviors.

More Than Just Tough: The multi-layered core isn’t just strong, it’s also engaging. The various textures provide a delightful chewing experience, satisfying your dog’s natural instincts while keeping them occupied.

Dental Benefits Built In: While your dog enjoys a satisfying chew session, the KONG CoreStrength Ball is also taking care of their dental hygiene. The textured surface helps clean teeth and massage gums, promoting oral health and potentially reducing bad breath. It’s a win-win for both you and your dog!

Interactive Fun: The tough exterior makes it ideal for interactive games of fetch. Toss the ball for your dog to chase and retrieve, transforming playtime into a fun bonding experience for both of you.

Choose the Perfect Size: Because large breeds come in all shapes and sizes, the KONG CoreStrength Ball comes in a size specifically designed for powerful chewers.

Invest in Lasting Play: The KONG Ball is more than just a toy; it’s an investment in your dog’s well-being and happiness. It provides physical and mental stimulation, promotes healthy chewing habits, and strengthens the bond between you and your furry companion. So ditch the disposable toys and give your large breed dog the KONG CoreStrength Ball – the ultimate playtime essential.

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