KONG Classic

  • KONG
  • Tough Chew Toy: Unbreakable rubber, happy pup, safe furniture.
  • Treat Puzzle Fun: Fill & solve, boredom bites the dust!
  • Bouncy Madness: Unleash giggles with unpredictable jumps.
  • Teething Savior: Soothes gums, saves your shoes!
  • All Breeds Welcome: X-Small to X-Large, everyone gets KONGified!
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Unleash Hours of Happy Chewing for Your Canine Companion: The KONG Classic for Every Dog, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes!

Is your pup a pint-sized powerhouse with gnawing urges, or a gentle giant in need of some dental delight? Look no further than the KONG Classic, the legendary dog toy that’s been keeping tails wagging and furniture safe for over 40 years! Available in a range of sizes perfectly tailored for small, medium, large, and even X-Large breeds, the KONG Classic caters to every canine craving for an engaging, mentally stimulating playtime.

But what makes the KONG Classic such a timeless treasure for pups of all shapes and sizes?
  • Unmatched Durability: Crafted from super-tough, all-natural rubber, the KONG Classic can withstand the mightiest chompers and most determined diggers. Whether your Chihuahua has the jaw strength of a T-Rex or your Great Dane loves a playful nibble, the KONG  stands up to even the most enthusiastic playtime.
  • Irresistibly Bouncy Fun: The KONG Classic’s unique shape and unpredictable bounce keeps playtime exciting for every dog. Watch your pup chase, pounce, and pirouette after the KONG as it takes off in hilarious directions, sparking their natural hunting instincts and providing endless entertainment.
  • Mental Stimulation Made Easy: Don’t just tire your pup’s body, stimulate their mind too! Stuff with their favourite treats or kibble, creating a delicious puzzle they’ll have to work to solve. This mentally engaging activity keeps boredom at bay, reduces anxious behaviours, and strengthens your bond as you celebrate their triumphs together.
  • Teething Relief Like a Dream: Pups gotta chomp, that’s just a fact. The pliable rubber provides the perfect outlet for those teething urges, soothing sore gums and encouraging safe, responsible chewing habits.
  • Tailored for Every Bite: No matter your dog’s size or chewing style, there’s a KONG Classic just for them. From the petite X-Small for your teacup terror to the mighty X-Large for your gentle giant, you’ll find the perfect fit to keep your furry friend happy and occupied for hours.
So, say goodbye to chewed shoes and hello to a happier, healthier pup! Grab a KONG Classic for your small, medium, large, or X-Large canine companion and watch the joyful chewing, fetching, and problem-solving adventures unfold.
Order yours today and unleash the KONG Classic magic!

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