KONG Belly Flops Lobster

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  • Bath Time Transformation: Unique weighted design creates a “belly flop” motion, keeping small dogs entertained during baths.  Multipurpose Play: Soft, yet strong material is perfect for fetching, cuddling, and light chewing.
  • Built-in Squeaker: Entices playtime with exciting squeaky sounds.
  • Small Breed Safe: Plush material with no harmful stuffing ensures safe chewing for small dogs.
  • Perfectly Sized: Compact design allows for easy carrying and tossing by small dogs.

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Make Bath Time a Blast with the KONG Belly Flops Lobster for Small Dogs!

Looking for a way to transform bath time from a battle into a joyful splash for your small dog? Look no further than the KONG Belly Flops Lobster! This adorable and interactive lobster toy is designed specifically for the playful spirit of small breeds.

Bath Time Becomes Playtime with the KONG Belly Flops Lobster:

Small dogs often have a love-hate relationship with bath time. The KONG Belly Flops Lobster flips the script, turning those sudsy moments into an exciting underwater adventure. The unique design features a weighted bottom that makes the lobster “flop” around on its belly when tossed in the tub. This irresistible wobbling action is sure to capture your pup’s attention, keeping them distracted and entertained while you get them clean.

More Than Just Bath Fun:

The fun with the KONG Belly Flops doesn’t stop at bath time! This versatile toy is perfect for playtime anywhere. The soft, yet strong material is gentle on your dog’s mouth and teeth, making it ideal for fetching, cuddling, and light chewing. A hidden squeaker adds another layer of excitement, while the bright red color provides high visual stimulation to keep your little adventurer engaged.

Built for Small Breed Safety:

The KONG Belly Flops  is meticulously crafted with your small dog’s safety in mind. The plush material is free of any harmful stuffing or hard parts, making it ideal for even the most enthusiastic chewers. Additionally, the toy’s lightweight design and small size are perfectly suited for smaller jaws and playful nips.

The Perfect Size for Small Breed Adventures:

The KONG Belly Flops isn’t just another oversized plush toy. It’s designed with the specific needs of small dogs in mind. The compact size allows for easy carrying and tossing, ensuring your pup can get in on the fetch fun without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, the soft texture is gentle on their mouths, making playtime safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Ditch the bath time blues and bring on the splashy fun with the KONG Belly Flops Lobster! This adorable, interactive toy is sure to become your small dog’s new favorite bath time companion (and playtime buddy too!)

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