Komodo Aspen Bed Terrain

  • Komodo
  • Made from the wood of the Aspen tree
  • A 100% natural substrate
  • Encourages natural burrowing behaviour
  • Holds its shape when burrowed into, this allows the snake to build their own den

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Komodo Aspen Bed Terrain is the world’s most popular snake bedding, made from wood from the Aspen tree. A 100% natural substrate, it encourages natural burrowing behaviour, but more importantly holds its shape when burrowed into, allowing snakes to build their own den.

Aspen Bedding is the professional choice for many species of reptiles including Corn Snakes, Kingsnakes, Milk Snakes, Sand Boas and other burrowing species, Blue Tongues Skinks, and many Monitor Lizards. It may not be suitable for Rainforest species. Cover the floor of the vivarium with Aspen Bedding Terrain, usually at least twice the depth of the animal body. Spot clean daily, replacing soiled material with fresh Aspen. Change all bedding monthly or as required. Note: Soiled bedding should always be disposed of in a proper hygienic fashion. Aspen is totally biodegradable.

This Substrate is great for:
  • Corn Snake
  • King Snake
  • Royal Python
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