Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe Litter Tray

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  • Disinfects & cleans: Eliminates germs, bacteria & viruses for a hygienic litter box.
  • Freshens & delights: Neutralizes odours with a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance.
  • Easy & quick: Spray & wipe formula makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Pet-safe & gentle: Protects your cat’s paws & respiratory system.
  • Happy cat, happy home: Create a clean & fresh haven your feline friend will love.

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Banish Litter Box Blues with Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe: Your Cat’s Hygiene Haven

Does the daily scoop leave you yearning for a fragrant feline paradise instead of a battleground of unpleasant odors? Enter Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe Litter Tray, the revolutionary solution that transforms your cat’s business into a breeze. This disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorizer powerhouse doesn’t just mask smells – it obliterates them, leaving your home purrfectly fresh and your kitty’s sanctuary hygienically sparkling.

Say goodbye to the grime and hello to gleaming cleanliness. Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe works its magic like a tiny sanitation squad, effectively killing germs, bacteria, and viruses lurking in hidden corners. Its specially formulated formula tackles even the toughest litter box messes, dissolving stubborn residue and leaving surfaces squeaky clean. No more scooping and praying – a quick spritz and wipe is all it takes to bring back the pristine shine.

But the cleanliness doesn’t stop there. Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe goes the extra mile with a delightful, long-lasting fragrance that replaces unpleasantness with a fresh, inviting scent. Imagine, stepping into your cat’s domain no longer requires holding your breath. Instead, be greeted by a gentle aroma that whispers “clean sanctuary” in every sniff.

More than just a box cleaner, Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe is your cat’s well-being champion. Its gentle, pet-safe formula protects your furry friend’s delicate paws and respiratory system, ensuring their comfort and safety. By creating a hygienically clean environment, you’re also promoting your cat’s overall health and preventing the spread of harmful pathogens.

So, ditch the dreading and embrace the pampering. With Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe, you’re not just cleaning a litter box; you’re giving your cat the gift of a safe, healthy, and odour-free haven. Turn scooping into a joyride, transform unpleasantness into delight, and let the purrfectly clean aroma of Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe become your signature of a happy feline home.

Get your Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe Litter Tray today and unlock a world of hygiene, freshness, and feline bliss!
Remember, Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe:
  • Disinfects, cleans, and deodorizes for ultimate litter box sanitation
  • Kills germs, bacteria, and viruses for a healthy cat environment
  • Leaves a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance for a fresh and inviting space
  • Pet-safe formula protects your cat’s delicate paws and respiratory system
  • Easy to use – just spray and wipe for a sparkling clean tray
Invest in your cat’s well-being and transform litter box time with Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe.
Order yours now and experience the Clean ‘N’ Safe difference!
  • Size 500mls


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