Johnson’s Cat & Kitten Easy Wormer Granules

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  • Safe & Effective: Developed by experts, gentle on your furry friend, yet powerful against roundworms.
  • Easy Peasy Wormer Time: Simply sprinkle on food – no wrestling pills or messy syrups!
  • Taste the Purrfect Blend: Odorless granules seamlessly blend into any meal, making worming stress-free.
  • Happy & Healthy Kitties: Keep your cat & kitten protected from roundworms’ energy-sapping effects.
  • Peace of Mind Protection: Knowing your feline friend is parasite-free brings purrfect joy.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Effective for cats & kittens over 12 weeks & weighing at least 1.1kg.
  • Convenient & Affordable: Single-use sachets & multi-packs fit your budget and routine.

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Keep Your Cat & Kitten Purr-fectly Protected: Johnson’s Easy Wormer Granules

Worried about unwelcome wrigglers lurking inside your feline friend? Fret no more! Johnson’s Cat & Kitten Easy Wormer Granules are your secret weapon for a happy, healthy kitty. These easy-to-use granules pack a powerful punch against roundworms, pesky parasites that can steal your pet’s vitality and well-being.

Say goodbye to worm worries! With just a sprinkle of Johnson’s Easy Wormer Granules, you can:
  • Shield your precious puss from the yucky effects of roundworms: No more pot-bellied bellies, dull coats, or lethargic days. Watch your cat & kitten blossom with newfound energy and shine!
  • Protect their playful spirit: Roundworms can sap your furry friend’s strength and joy. Johnson’s Easy Wormer Granules help keep them bouncing, pouncing, and purring with delight.
  • Maintain their inner ecosystem: A healthy gut is key to a happy cat. Easy Wormer Granules gently target and eliminate roundworms, promoting optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.

But how do these granules work their magic? It’s simple! The secret lies in the clever formula containing Fenbendazole, a powerful worming agent that effectively targets and eliminates roundworms from your cat’s system. Plus, these tasty, odorless granules blend seamlessly into any meal, making worming time a breeze (no fishy pills or messy syrups!).

Why choose Johnson’s Easy Wormer Granules for your cat & kitten?
  • Safe & effective: Developed by experts and trusted by pet owners for generations, these granules pack a punch against roundworms while being gentle on your precious kitty.
  • Easy to use: No more wrestling with pills or struggling with syrups. Simply sprinkle the granules on your cat’s food, and voila! Wormer time done right.
  • Suitable for all ages: Whether your feline friend is a playful kitten or a majestic senior, these granules are effective for cats & kittens over 12 weeks old and weighing at least 1.1kg.
  • Peace of mind for you, purrfect health for your cat: Knowing your furry companion is protected from harmful parasites brings a special kind of joy. Johnson’s Easy Wormer Granules empower you to be the best cat parent you can be!

Give your cat & kitten the gift of good health – choose Johnson’s Easy Wormer Granules today! With convenient single-use sachets and multi-pack options, keeping your feline friend worm-free is easier than ever. So let’s hear those purrs roar once again!

Remember, regular worming is key to keeping your cat & kitten happy and healthy. Ask your veterinarian for a worming schedule that’s right for your furry friend, and make Johnson’s Easy Wormer Granules your go-to solution for a purrfectly protected kitty.
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