IAMS Small & Medium Breed Puppy Fresh Chicken

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  • Supercharge play: High-protein fuel for boundless energy & strong muscles.
  • Sparkling smiles: Omega-3s & 6s for a shiny coat & bright, curious eyes.
  • Clever pup: DHA supports brain development for fast learning & training wins.
  • Happy tummy: Tailored fiber for smooth digestion & happy mealtimes.
  • Healthy bones: Minerals & Vitamin D build strong bones for fearless adventures.
  • Real chicken delight: Delicious taste your pup will crave!
  • Vet-approved goodness: Nourish all 7 signs of healthy vitality.
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Unleash Tiny Tornado Energy with IAMS Small & Medium Breed Puppy Fresh Chicken

Is your small or medium-breed puppy a furry whirlwind of boundless energy? Watch those tiny paws pitter-patter with purpose, those soulful eyes brimming with adventure, and that tail wagging a symphony of pure puppy joy. Fueling that adorable exuberance is what IAMS Small & Medium Breed Puppy Fresh Chicken is all about!

Crafted with your puppy’s small but mighty needs in mind, this dry food packs a powerful punch of deliciousness and nutrition. Imagine the happy dance your pup will do when you fill their bowl with the enticing aroma of real, fresh chicken. But beneath that irresistible scent lies a carefully formulated recipe designed to nurture your puppy’s 7 signs of healthy vitality:

  • Sparkling Eyes & Shiny Coat:Nourishing Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids will leave your puppy’s fur gleaming like a polished gemstone, and their eyes sparkling with curiosity and mischief.
  • Bounding Steps & Strong Muscles: High-quality animal protein, the main ingredient, provides the building blocks for healthy muscle development and playful leaps across the living room floor.
  • Clever Pup & Sharp Mind: DHA, an essential fatty acid, supports healthy brain development, so your puppy can master those puppy training tricks in record time.
  • Immune System Shield: A blend of antioxidants, including Vitamins C and E, helps keep your puppy’s defenses strong, ready to tackle any playful tumble or park adventure.
  • Happy Tummy & Easy Digestion: A tailored fiber blend with prebiotics keeps your puppy’s digestive system purring smoothly, so mealtime is always a happy occasion.
  • Strong Teeth & Sparkling Smile: Crunchy kibbles help clean teeth with every playful bite, promoting healthy gums and a winning smile that melts your heart.
  • Healthy Bones & Tail Wags Galore: Essential minerals and Vitamin D work together to build strong bones, so your puppy can chase butterflies and conquer stairs with ease.

IAMS Vitality Small & Medium Breed Puppy Dry Food with Fresh Chicken is more than just food; it’s a promise of boundless energy, sparkling health, and a love that only a furry hurricane can bring. So, watch your tiny tornado thrive, wagging their way into your heart with every delicious bite. Choose IAMS Vitality – because small pups deserve big vitality!

Remember, your small or medium-breed puppy deserves the very best. Give them the gift of IAMS Vitality Small & Medium Breed Puppy Dry Food with Fresh Chicken, and watch their little bodies and minds blossom with playful, healthy vitality!


Dried chicken & turkey 32% (including chicken 19%), maize, maize grits, animal fat, fresh chicken (5.0%), rice, dried beet pulp (3.3%), chicken gravy, minerals, fish oil, dried whole egg, fructooligosaccharides (0.21%), brewer’s dried yeast.

  • Available Size 2kg, 12kg
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2kg, 12kg


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