Good Boy Chewy Lamb Strips

  • Good Boy
  • 100% real, slow-roasted lamb: Unleash the natural flavour your pup craves!
  • Chewy, satisfying texture: Keeps jaws busy and teeth sparkling clean.
  • Made with love, no nasties: Wholesome goodness, free from artificial ingredients.
  • Treat time reinvented: Ditch the boring, embrace the lamb-tastic!
  • Tail-wagging happiness guaranteed: Watch the zoomies take over!
  • Fuel for adventures, smiles, and happy hearts: Every chew, a celebration of puphood!

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Uncap the Flavor Frenzy: Good Boy Chewy Lamb Strips – Bite-Sized Bliss for Canine Connoisseurs

Forget generic kibble and say hello to a tail-wagging revolution in snacking! Unleash the primal pleasure of meaty delight with Good Boy Chewy Lamb Strips – the irresistible reward that sends taste buds soaring from first sniff to the very last nibble.

These aren’t ordinary treats, my friend. These are Chewy Lamb Strips:
  • Succulent lamb, slow-roasted to perfection, delivering an explosion of real meaty flavour your furry friend won’t be able to resist. We’re talking about 100% natural lamb, bursting with goodness, not that mystery-meat medley masquerading as treats.
  • Chewy, oh-so-satisfying texture that keeps those jaws working and teeth sparkling. It’s like a spa day for their chompers, minus the cucumbers and face masks (unless your pup’s into that, who am I to judge?).
  • Made with love, crafted with care. No artificial nasties, no coloring shenanigans, just pure, wholesome goodness fit for a good boy (or girl!). Sensitive tummies rejoice!
  • Treat time reinvented. Forget boring biscuits and predictable pellets. Chewy Lamb Strips are the rockstars of the reward world, turning every training session, walk, or snuggle into a flavour fiesta.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch wagging tails and hear happy yips erupt as your pup dives into this lamb-tastic treat-fest. Witness the drool-worthy dance of anticipation, the nose nudges begging for more, the zoomies fueled by pure carnivore satisfaction.

Good Boy Chewy Lamb Strips:
  • Fueling playtime adventures with a protein punch.
  • Bonding moments made tastier with every shared strip.
  • Healthy smiles, happy hearts, one delectable chew at a time.
So, unleash the inner good boy (or girl) in your furry friend. Grab a bag of Good Boy Chewy Lamb Strips and turn snack time into a celebration of pure, meaty joy. Remember, a happy pup is a good pup, and with these lamb-tastic treats, happiness is just a chew away!


Lamb (55%), Chicken, Duck, Pea Protein, Glycerin, Tapioca Starch, Salt.

Size 90g

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