Forthglade Just Lamb Natural Wet Dog Food

  • Forthglade
  • 70% Lamb Power: Fuel adult dogs with real lamb, 1st ingredient!
  • Grain-Free Goodness: Gentle on tummies, complete & crave-worthy. ❤️
  • Radiant Coats, Happy Tails: Nourishing oils, wag-worthy taste. ✨
  • Nature’s Best for Adult Dogs: Unleash their inner lion with every bite!

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Unleash the Power of Pure Protein – For Adult Dogs Thriving on Real Lamb Goodness: Forthglade Just Lamb Natural Wet Dog Food

Nourish your adult dog’s inner lion with the raw power of nature: Forthglade Just Lamb Natural Wet Dog Food. This succulent feast, bursting with 70% human-grade lamb, is crafted to fuel even the most adventurous canine spirit. Forget the fillers and artificial flavours; Just Lamb delivers unadulterated adult dog nutrition, every juicy bite a testament to our commitment to clean, complete, and crave-worthy meals.

Fuel Peak Performance with Unmatched Protein: Forget settling for kibble; awaken your dog’s inner athlete with the muscle-building might of real lamb, the first and only ingredient. This protein powerhouse delivers essential amino acids for robust muscles, a healthy heart, and boundless energy. Whether your furry friend chases squirrels with youthful zeal or embarks on epic mountain hikes, Just Lamb provides the fuel they need to conquer every adventure.

Digestive Harmony at Every Meal: Just Lamb isn’t just about muscle; it’s about gentle care for your adult dog’s sensitive tummy. Crafted with natural ingredients and free from grains, artificial additives, and preservatives, this wet food promotes optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. Say goodbye to upset stomachs and hello to happy tails wagging with gusto after every meal.

Shine from the Inside Out: The benefits of Just Lamb go beyond the surface. The natural richness of real lamb provides a vital source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, leaving your dog’s coat sleek and radiant. Watch as their fur takes on a healthy sheen, a testament to the nourishing power of a diet packed with nature’s goodness.

Just Lamb – Simply the Best for Adult Dogs: Give your adult dog the nutritional advantage they deserve with Forthglade Just Lamb Natural Wet Dog Food. It’s a love letter to their canine instincts, a celebration of real food, and a commitment to their total well-being. Watch your furry friend thrive on the power of pure protein, every meal a reminder that you know what truly matters – nourishing your adult dog from the inside out with the best nature has to offer.

Order your tub of Forthglade Just Lamb today and unleash the power of real lamb in your adult dog’s bowl!


Lamb (90%), minerals.

Available Size 18 x 395g

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