Fed ‘N’ Watered Kitty & Puppy Flat Pan

  • Sharples N Grant
  • No whisker woes: Shallow design for comfy munching.
  • Mess-free marvel: Spills vanish, floors stay clean.
  • Puppy-proof play: Sturdy base for wagging tails.
  • Sleek & stylish: Elevates your fur-baby’s dining.
  • Dishwasher delight: Pop & clean, easy as pie!

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Ditch the Mess, Welcome the Purrs and Wags with the “Fed ‘N’ Watered Kitty & Puppy Flat Pan”!

Tired of whisker-withering kibble spills and puppy-footed water puddles? Introducing your fur-baby’s new mealtime haven: the Fed ‘N’ Watered Kitty & Puppy Flat Pan, designed to bring a splash of joy (and a whole lot less cleanup) to every feeding frenzy.

Picture this: Your adorable ball of fluff gleefully gobbles down their kibble, not a single stray morsel daring to escape the perfectly flat, wide surface. No more chasing rogue pellets across the floor, no more mopping up tiny paw prints around a tippy bowl. Just happy slurps, contented crunches, and a dining experience that’s as satisfying for you as it is for your furry friend.

But wait, there’s more! The Fed ‘N’ Watered Flat Pan isn’t just about keeping things neat. It’s about pampering your precious pal’s sensitive whiskers and playful paws. The smooth, shallow design eliminates those pesky whisker-whacking edges, so mealtime is all about the munching, not the ouchies. And the stable, wide base ensures even the most enthusiastic tippy-taps won’t send the whole thing tumbling.

Here’s why your growing fur-mily will fall head over paws for the Fed ‘N’ Watered Flat Pan:
  • Whisker-Friendly Feasting: Say goodbye to whisker fatigue! The shallow, smooth design lets your kitty or puppy dig in without feeling their precious whiskers getting snagged.
  • Mess-Mitigating Marvel: No more kibble avalanches or puddles galore. The wide, flat surface keeps food and water contained, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Puppy-Proof Perfection: The sturdy base stands firm against playful paws, ensuring even the most energetic pups enjoy a spill-free meal.
  • Easy on the Eyes (and the Floor): Sleek and stylish, the Fed ‘N’ Watered Flat Pan complements any décor, adding a touch of modern elegance to your furry friend’s feeding station.
  • Dishwasher Delight: Cleanup is a cinch! Simply pop the pan in the dishwasher for effortless sanitation.
Invest in the “Fed ‘N’ Watered Kitty & Puppy Flat Pan” and watch your furry friend’s mealtimes blossom into moments of pure, messy-free joy. Order yours today and let the purrs and wags commence!

Bonus Tip: Double the fun and snag a second pan for water! Create a dedicated hydration station for your thirsty pup or kitty and watch them lap up the convenience (and the extra belly rubs you’ll earn for being such a thoughtful pet parent).

So, what are you waiting for? Make mealtime magical with the Fed ‘N’ Watered Kitty & Puppy Flat Pan! Your furry friend (and your clean floors) will thank you for it.

Remember, the Fed ‘N’ Watered Flat Pan: for happy kitties, content puppies, and a whole lot less mess!

Available size 20cm

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