Dr John Titanium Chicken with Vegetables

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  • Fuel for Adventures: 25% high-quality protein from real chicken keeps your dog’s energy levels soaring all day long.
  • Unleash the Energy: Slow-release carbohydrates provide sustained fuel for even the most active paws.
  • Shine from Within: Essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 deliver a healthy dose of coat-gleaming goodness.
  • Strong Bones, Happy Joints: Balanced minerals and nutrients support healthy bones and joints for confident movement.
  • Digestive Harmony: Prebiotics and probiotics work together for happy tummies and less digestive discomfort.
  • Made for Champions: Formulated specifically for the needs of active adult dogs, supporting their active lifestyles.

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Unleash the Titanium in Your Active Adult Dog: Dr. John Titanium Chicken with Vegetables Dry Dog Food

Does your furry friend crave adventure? Does their boundless energy leave you panting just keeping up? For active adult dogs with a thirst for life, Dr. John Titanium Chicken with Vegetables Dry Dog Food is the fuel they need to conquer every walk, fetch session, and park romp. This power-packed formula isn’t just kibble, it’s a Titanium boost for your dog’s inner champion.

Crank Up the Energy: Bursting with 25% high-quality protein from real chicken, Dr. John Titanium provides the muscle-building blocks your active adult dog needs to keep their tail wagging all day long. No more sluggish afternoons or tired walks – just unleashed energy to chase squirrels and conquer stairs with ease.

Fuel for the Adventure: Packed with slow-release carbohydrates, Dr. John Titanium keeps your dog’s energy levels stable throughout their day of adventures. No more mid-afternoon energy crashes or post-walk meltdowns. This sustained fuel ensures your active adult dog can tackle anything the day throws at them, from chasing butterflies to protecting their favourite squeaky toy.

Shine from the Inside Out: Don’t just feed your dog’s body, nourish their coat too. Dr. John Titanium’s blend of essential fatty acids, including salmon oil and linseed, delivers a healthy dose of omega-3 and omega-6 for a gleaming, vibrant coat. Your dog will be the envy of the park, with fur that shines as bright as their enthusiasm.

Strong Bones, Happy Joints: Keep your active adult dog moving with confidence. Dr. John Titanium’s balanced blend of minerals and nutrients supports healthy bones and joints, so they can leap, climb, and explore without worry. This joint-friendly formula ensures your furry friend can stay active well into their golden years.

Digestive Harmony: Fueling an active lifestyle can be tough on tummies, but Dr. John Titanium has your dog covered. Prebiotics and probiotics work together to support a healthy gut, so your dog can enjoy their food without digestive discomfort. This gentle formula ensures happy tummies and more tail wags, less whimpers.

Dr. John Titanium Chicken with Vegetables Dry Dog Food: It’s not just food, it’s a Titanium boost for your active adult dog’s inner champion. Unleash their energy, fuel their adventures, and keep them shining bright from the inside out. Give your dog the nutrition they deserve, and watch them conquer every day with the spirit of a true Titanium.

Order your bag of Dr. John Titanium today and unleash the Titanium in your active adult dog!


Poultry meal (32% chicken), wheat, barley, maize, chicken fat, rice (4%), vegetables (4% peas), chicken gravy, minerals, salmon oil (0.25%), alfalfa, linseed, botanical herbs (450mg/kg), NZ green-lipped mussel extract (50mg/kg), yucca extract.

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