Burns Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

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  • Novel Protein Duck: No beef/chicken woes! Gentle digestion, happy pup. ✨
  • Wholesome Brown Rice: Easy on tummies, fuels playful adventures.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Nourishes skin & coat for a healthy, shiny glow.
  • Give your adult dog the best! Order Burns Sensitive today!
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Soothe Sensitive Tummies with Nature’s Bounty: Burns Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food for Adult Dogs

Is your adult dog’s mealtime a source of discomfort? Does skin itch, digestion sputter, and energy plummet after each kibble crunch? Ditch the vet-visit woes and say hello to Burns Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food, the all-natural, hypoallergenic solution for sensitive adult pups!

Gentle on the Inside, Radiant on the Outside:
  • Duck the Drama: Ditch the common beef, chicken, and lamb suspects! This formula uses novel protein duck, a delicious source your dog’s likely never encountered, minimizing allergy flare-ups and promoting gentle digestion.
  • Brown Rice Bonanza: Swap the wheat woes for easily digestible wholegrain brown rice, a gluten-free complex carbohydrate that fuels your furry friend’s adventures without triggering tummy troubles.
  • Sensitive Stomach Savior: Forget the fillers and artificial nasties! This recipe boasts simple, natural ingredients like oats, peas, and seaweed, offering complete and balanced nutrition without irritating sensitive systems.
More Than Just Food, It’s a Health Revolution:
  • Skin & Coat Serenity: Say goodbye to itchy, flaky woes! The essential fatty acids in duck and sunflower oil nourish your dog’s coat from the inside out, leaving it sleek, shiny, and itch-free.
  • Digestive Delight: Watch those tail wags return! Burns Sensitive’s hypoallergenic formula promotes optimal gut health, minimizing gas, bloating, and other digestive discomfort, leaving your pup feeling happy and full of beans.
  • Energy Unleashed: From playful pups to senior superstars, this low-fat, highly digestible formula provides sustained energy levels throughout the day, keeping your adult dog active and adventurous.
Fuel Their Joy, Not Their Discomfort:

Burns Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food isn’t just food, it’s a commitment to your adult dog’s well-being. It’s a promise of tail-wagging mealtimes, carefree playtime, and a radiant, healthy glow from the inside out. So, ditch the distress and dish up the deliciousness! Choose Burns Sensitive and watch your sensitive adult dog blossom with every bite.

Order your bag of Burns Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food today and give your adult dog the gift of gentle, complete, and delicious nutrition!
Remember, Burns Sensitive – Because Happy Tummies Make Happy Dogs!


Brown Rice (64%), Duck Meal (22%), Oats, Peas, Duck Fat, Sunflower Oil, Seaweed, and Minerals.

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