Ancol Small Bite Reflective Paw & Bone Collar & Lead

  • Ancol Pet
  • ✨ Adorable paw & bone design for tiny fashionistas.
  • Reflective threads for paw-sitively safe walks.
  • Adjustable collar & 1m lead for growing explorers.
  • Strong & weatherproof for playful pups.
  • Matching set for ultimate pup-chic.

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Prance with Paws-itive Vibes: The Ancol Small Bite Reflective Paw & Bone Collar & Lead Set for Puppy Adventures!

Is your tiny tornado of fur finally ready to explore the big, wide world on four paws? Gear them up for endless tail wags and sidewalk strutting with the Ancol Small Bite Reflective Paw & Bone Collar & Lead Set! This adorable duo isn’t just about keeping your pup safe and secure – it’s about injecting a dose of playful personality into every walk.

Picture this: your precious fluffball bouncing down the street, a tiny fashion icon sporting a collar and leash adorned with a charming pattern of paw prints and bones. Every step they take ignites a kaleidoscope of reflected light, thanks to the smartly woven reflective threads. Cars will spot them from a mile away, ensuring safety even in the twilight hours.

But the cuteness doesn’t stop there! The Ancol Small Bite set is tailor-made for the pint-sized adventurers. The collar adjusts perfectly to necks measuring 20-30cm, growing alongside your puppy’s boundless enthusiasm. The 1m lead, crafted from strong, weatherproof nylon, is just the right length for keeping playful pups close while giving them room to sniff and explore.

Let’s break it down:
  • Adorable paw & bone design: Unleash your puppy’s inner fashionista with this eye-catching pattern.
  • Reflective safety: Keep your furry friend visible even in low light conditions with clever reflective threads.
  • Small bite perfect: Adjustable collar and 1m lead designed specifically for puppies and small dogs.
  • Strong & weatherproof: Built to withstand playful tugs and the elements.
  • Matching collar & lead set: Complete the look with this coordinated duo.

The Ancol Small Reflective Paw & Bone Collar & Lead Set isn’t just a leash and collar – it’s a passport to puppyhood adventures. It’s a declaration of style, a beacon of safety, and a comfy companion for every sniff, wag, and prance. So, what are you waiting for? Clip on the collar, grab the lead, and watch your little explorer conquer the world, one paw print at a time!

Get your Ancol Small Bite Reflective Paw & Bone Collar & Lead Set today and let the puppy pandemonium begin!

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