Ancol Extreme Dog Harness

  • Ancol Pet
  • Built Tough: Reinforced stitching, rust-proof D-rings, secure buckle for even the wildest explorers.
  • Comfy Cruisin’: Breathable mesh, padded design for happy pups on any adventure.
  • Safe & Seen: Reflective stitching for twilight walks, secure closure for peace of mind.
  • Ready for Anything: Tool holders & accessory clip, perfect for carrying essentials.
  • All Sizes Welcome: Fully adjustable for every furry friend, big or small.
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Unleash Adventure: Why the Ancol Extreme Dog Harness is Every Small to Large Explorer’s Must-Have

Forget flimsy collars and harnesses that hold you back – your fearless adventurer deserves the Ancol Extreme Dog Harness, built for boundless exploration, no matter the size. Whether you’re trekking mountain trails with your trusty terrier or embarking on beachside romps with your playful Labrador, this harness is the ultimate companion for every small to large dog’s big adventures.

Built for Extreme:

This isn’t your average harness. The Ancol Extreme is crafted with heavy-duty components that can handle the most energetic explorers. Think reinforced nylon stitching, rust-resistant nickel-coated D-rings, and a secure sports buckle that won’t give up mid-chase. Even the padded grab handle is built to take on sudden bursts of zoomies.

Comfort Meets Security:

Adventure shouldn’t mean discomfort. That’s why the Ancol Extreme prioritizes uncompromising comfort for your small to large furry friend. Breathable mesh lining keeps them cool, even on scorching days, while the fully padded design eliminates chafing and pressure points. Plus, the harness is fully adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for every unique pup.

Adventure-Ready Features:

The Ancol Extreme isn’t just tough, it’s smartly designed for the explorer life. Reflective stitching provides extra visibility during twilight walks, while a removable chest pad offers more freedom for sniffing and bounding. Need to carry essentials? The integrated tool holders and accessory clip keep everything you need close at paw.

Go Further, Together:

With the Ancol Extreme Dog Harness, every outing becomes an epic adventure. Unleash your small to large dog’s inner explorer and conquer new trails, splash through puddles, and chase squirrels with confidence. This harness is your passport to a world of boundless fun, built to last as long as your dog’s boundless spirit.

So, ditch the limitations and embrace the Extreme. Give your adventurous pup the ultimate gear for their next big quest.

Order your Ancol Extreme Dog Harness today and unleash the epic!
P.S. Don’t forget to grab an Ancol Extreme Shock Absorb Lead for the perfect adventure combo!

Available size:  Small (girth 51-67cm), Medium (girth 68-86cm), Large (girth 71-96cm), XLarge (girth 87-120cm)

Available colour Black, Red

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Black, Red


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge


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